Fiona Update: Baby Fiona’s Last Bottles

Fiona the Hippo Last Bottles

She’s growing up! This will be one of Fiona’s last bottles. Her care team will be transitioning her to 100% solid foods in the new few days.

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Fiona Hippo and Bibi Enjoying Their Heated Outdoor Pool


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Fans reacted to Fiona the Hippo Last Bottles

Cindy Babcock Omg…Bibi is really loving playing with her Fiona!!Love them both So much..can't wait till spring to come and see them and all you have to offer!

Rhunette Humrich (This is for a staff member at the zoo.). Are you seeing any behaviors that make you think that Fiona and Bibi are missing Henry? They seem to be very intelligent and I’m just curious. Thank you.

Katie Holder I just love seeing them playing! I had no idea hippos are fun loving and gentle. All you ever heard was how dangerous they are. Yeah, in the wild. But, not our BiBi and Fiona!

Alison Berne Knue any plans for building an indoor exhibit where visitors can see them year round? The hippos are such a hit for the zoo seems like a waste they can't be seen 6 months out of the year.

Katee Gadette So Happy the water is heated for them….
Thank You Cincinnati Zoo…
Thank You Team Fiona.
We all need Our Fiona and 
Bibi fix… Love Fiona and Mommy

Ken Reiter Jr. You can really see the mom and daughter bond between them both! Again thank you so much the staff of the Cincinnati Zoo for getting Fiona through her much critical time. After she was born!

Jane Elizabeth … she doesn’t have a baby face anymore! she’s got more of the adult snout shape

Sue Meyer I’m almost expecting a **belch** from her after all that sucking.

Andrea Frazer Fiona is giving up bottles just like Ethan 

Debra Cutter Precious!! I love when she has a bottle

Tammi Rutherford Sigman You go, Fiona. Love long and well.

Marykay Gallagher No more bottles Fiona, you're a big girl now. on to sippy cups lol

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Melissa Smith Ohhh, they grow up too fast😭i miss her tiny little pink self running around so gleefully. Im so thankful that she made ot this far but i will forever long for her baby daysyall have done an amazing job and im so thankful that i got to watch her grow from afar! Yay Fiona, you're so beautiful xoxox

Kim Waible I’m sure it’s just as bittersweet for her caregivers as it is for all of us, but job well done to everyone who got Fiona to this place in time! Thank you for a wonderful 2017 gift at a time when the world needed to believe in miracles. Merry Christmas to everyone at Cincinnati Zoo

Candi Miller Awwww what a special day our little girl is growing up. What a little miracle it has been so wonderful watching Fiona beat the odds. I never thought I could love a hippo as much as I do Fiona I couldn't wait to get on my laptop to see how she was doing from day to day. She went from not knowing if she was going to make it in this world to meeting her mommy and her daddy and becoming a house hold name. Thanks to her CareTeam for sharing her with us and taking such wonderful care of her and keeping all of us updated everyday

Carole Axdorff Even though you are growing up now, and no longer need a bottle you are just like one of our children ,and will always be in our heart. You have shown the entire world what a sweet heart and so much love can bring so many together. You are a special Hippo Fiona.

Regina Wethington Our little Fiona is growing up. She truly is a miracle. Not only did she survive against all odds, but she thrived. And the community that Fiona brought together crosses all boundaries. She is a remarkable little girl

Lesia Ray It would be so cool to have the kind of noose holes Fiona has. When you go swimming you could just close them up so no water could get in. In the winter when your outside an it's cold,when your nose starts to run you could just close up your nose holes so nothing would run out! Perfect!

Beth Damone Oh, but can't she have the occasional smoothie or milkshake from a bottle so her caretakers can get some loving from her like this… and also because she's so freaking adorable drinking out of a bottle?

Lynne Wilson Dixon I know it sounds silly, but Team Fiona will surely miss those slurping noises in days to come. Kind of like holding a toddler taking a bottle, knowing those cuddle days are almost over.

Judy Strassburger-Bohnert So glad to hear that she is growing up fine and moving on to "BIG HIPPO" food like her Mommy. So proud of the wonderful progress she is making thanks to the care she received/receives from the Cincinnati Zoo staff and CCHMC.

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Lynsi Carson-Thorpe What a bittersweet moment. So glad she is growing into a healthy happy hippo but a bit sad she will be losing that part of her care. She is so drawn to humans I hope she doesn't lose that.

Marley Coltrain Our baby is growing up:) happy and teary eyed you did it you guys saved our precious baby! And look at her now being bottle weaned probably one of my favorite posts!


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