Fiona the Hippo is the Best Part of 2017

Fiona the Hippo is the Best Part of 2017

Fiona the hippo is the only reason 2017 didn't completely suck

Happy birthday Fiona! This special little hippo was born one year ago today! Fiona was born six weeks early and weighed only 29 pounds. She defeated the odds with the help of her dedicated care team, and today she’s a happy, healthy hippo, weighing over 655 pounds.



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Fans reacted to Fiona the Hippo is the Best Part of 2017

Dana Blech How are hippos one of the most dangerous animals…. they are so FREAKING CUTE! I feel like god should have made them look more dangerous and not so enticing jeez how sneaky and love Fiona the Hippo Buzzfeed

Lisa Austin Except that hippos are one of the meanest animals in the wild. They would year a human apart if they had the chance

Teri Powers It was so refreshing to see this baby hippo defy the odds and pull through with the non stop efforts of the zoo staff and help from the experts at Children’s hospital. Fiona gave us all a purpose to rally behind.

Ken Reiter Jr. God bless you all at the Cincinnati Zoo you are very special group of individuals and thank you so kindly for saving Fiona and nursing her through her first day of life tell she was able to get back with her parents. May Henry rest in peace and look down on Fiona proudly

Cathy Roglitz Thanks, Brad! She is one of the best stories this year. She is something special. I hadn't seen this one. It was amazing watching the scuba divers teaching her how to dive…I'm quite sure it didn't include the extra "propulsion though" It is too bad her papa didn't live longer to enjoy her. But, so nice to know they bonded before he passed away. She is his only child…he gave it his all!

Beth Pfeffer Livingston She’s pretty awesome! We are so glad we live close and are pass holders to the zoo, so we can go see her whenever we need a Fiona fix

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Zacharia Taylor I’m no expert but don’t hippos kill more humans than every other animal? Super cute seriously, but those kind of look like open mouth baby acts of aggression. Once full size and threatening no human will put there arm in there. It’s cute I’m love a zoo and animals. Cute unless in the river while your kids need water

Alicia Latchaw We visited Fiona last week. She’s just as sweet and loveable in person.  Thankful for the Cincinnati Zoo, and all that her keepers did in keeping her alive. Without their knowledge and help, I’m not sure Fiona would have survived in the wild.

Katie Pchola Squirrels…check! Now all you need is a chipmunk family, otter (Yes please!), more chickens, some ducks, mini donkey, mini pig and baby hippo! Do it friend! I'm all in teeheehee!

John Hutchings Remembering visiting the Cincinnati Zoo many times as a young boy and I think it has helped me appreciate all animals. Life is becoming so hard for their survival.Thank you Cincinnati Zoo and all the animal keepers.

Kathy Wynne Rossell I never thought I would fall in love with a Hippo, but little Miss Fiona makes me smile everyday! She has brought joy to many and has shown us all that there is good and hope in this troubled world! Love you sweet Fiona! 

LeAngela Bryant She's adorable , but I have one question ? And I mean no shade by it , aren't hippos supposed to be one of the deadly animals I'm just curious cause I'm not sure?

Fiona the Hippo from Cincinnati Zoo

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Arlene Halsted What a joy to watch Fioana the Hippo. Brings a warm heart felt smile and a happy heart…thanks for sharing ,where does this great creature live?. Let's go visit!

Sarah Grundhauser You should really be looking at the zoo itself. Do some research to find out if they are AZA or part of the SSP instead of "throwing" an internet tantrum. If you are that passionate about animals then I also hope you are giving donations to further conservation efforts.

Debra Enderle Fiona is the best thing to happen all year. She has brought joy and inspiration to a very sad, difficult time. Watching her fight to live as a preemie and succeeding beyond everyone's wildest dreams is a story for the ages: the little hippo that could!

Felicia Jackson Yep…I even cried when Fiona was introduced to her mom & dad….been following since day one….found myself talking to the videos…"you can do it Fiona..drink your formula…walk up the ramp…follow your AWESOME Care Team members…go ahead you can go deeper under water"…Go Fiona!

Fiona the Hippo in Cincinnati

Beverly Rick-Donnelly Absolutely adorable I would like this one she knows how to play and she enjoys her water if I had a place and a pool for her she would be there she reminds me of my corgi mix who is playful like this as well I’ll bet they would be best friends

Sally-ann Howell Shes so sweet. Deadly in the wild but still sweet.. When i was very young. I was in splint on bottom half of my bofy due to health reasons wore them till i was 5-6. I was bought a ligh n dark blue hippo teddy was massive size of a dog. When i came out my splints i used to sit on it & hold its ears till they came off lol.. Im now 45 & i still have my blue hippo.

Maria North Fiona saved my sanity in 2017….I'd be so upset almost daily with news about yet another thing Trump did, but then I'd see a Fiona post from the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden and I'd be ok. Fiona has been the salve on the Trump wound!

Lynsee Melchi I can’t tell you how much this little critter brightens my day. Thanks for putting her out there on the web!!!!!! I even came from out of state to see the little cutie. Be well, Fiona & fam & her keepers!

Erin Dowling Hoover So cute!! Thank you for posting this video! My 18 month old is obsessed with “Ohwa” and I’m getting tired of watching the same one over and over! Maybe he will like this one just as much!

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Patricia Jardine Fiona is the happiest hippo on the planet and the cutest! Darn, I want to live in the Cincinnati Zoo!! She is loved by the entire world. Born in the wild that dear baby would have died!! How dare you criticize what these amazing keepers did for her! Read her story and educate yourself!

Alexa Loa Trey Ware I love her and her neck rolls and her toothless gums and her under water toots in the beginning and how she tries to bite everything I just love her

Alyssa Inman I like about 8 minutes from the zoo and I love it. I feel bad for the animals but I feel like when we go and shower them with love it's different. Our zoo has really became famous. For good and bad reasons

Elisabeth Ann Delakovias Groff I had to look up Leonbergers I would totally be down for one of those. Beware of the llamas, they spit nasty stomach funk at you if they don't like the way you look at them and when I worked at the Oakland zoo I got head butted by a female llama who didn't like me being in her area. I didn't look at her I swear. And yes baby Fiona is the shit!!

Janine Applegate My heart is broken….I've come from Arizona to see my son's families, siblings, dear friends….and hoped to see Fiona!
Thank you for sharing her life with All of us!
I have loved seeing her grow and show us what a Special little lady she is!

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Lauren Jean Melissa Marie omgggg in the beginning when she goes depeer in the water and farts! Then at 1:44 when she's twirling herself in the water…I want her soooo fucking bad…ill just have her in the tub at all times and me her and bubbas will live happily ever after hehehehee

Merry McCoul Fiona Green- so- I noticed this little beauty shares your name- and I also thought about how much you would love to interact with her. Xoxo

Clare Weingarden I had a collection of so many stuffed hippos growing up I couldn't even get into my bed. I never knew till I've been following Fiona that a hippopotamus can be so playful. I am in love with this little girl

Darlene Savell Chatham The Cincy Zoo was blessed with some really cute babies this year, but Fiona has definitely stolen my heart as well as many other folks out there. Thank you for sharing her story with us. Loved The Fiona Show and can't wait to see what our crazy girl does in the future. Love Kendi and the Red Pandas too!

Karin Brond Weinberg Fiona got me through the first few months of this presidency & I will always be grateful to this beautiful girl 

Kelly Stivers Williams Watching this little girl go from a preemie to almost 600lbs has been one of the highlights of my year. My family thinks I am crazy..too bad. Can't wait to visit her for real next spring.

Susanne Nelson She is wonderful and so is your zoo. I don't like most zoos because they don't put the animals first but yours sure does.

Jane Quinlan-Singleton So I of u at the Cincy Zoo who were involved with saving the life of that special girl are AWESOME! That zoo is amazing. Thanks to all that work there for caring as you do for all the animals thst are there. Definitely have reason to celebrate 2017 the brightest one being saving Fiona!

Robin Henselin McReynolds Oh how I love these memories of our Miss Fiona, that the whole world loves…. Thank you for sharing this wonderful video of Fiona…I was wondering when Fiona is inside can you all pet her at all through the bars, or does she come up to see her caretakers at all??

Pamela Littlefield Brown I would like to thank you for sharing Fiona's story from the very beginning. I first learned about her a couple of weeks after she was born and I joined all the thousands of people who have kept her in our thoughts and in our hearts. Her progress to the happy, healthy, sweet baby she is now has been a joy to experience. After a long day at work, and the news on the tv being stressful, I will search out the latest Fiona bit of news or video and she always makes me smile and laugh. Thank you so much. Happy and Healthy New Year to you all and to Fiona!

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