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Fiona showing off her new dental development. The picture on the left was taken when she was 10 days olds and the one on the right was taken this week. This comes at the perfect time as she is now more interested in eating solid foods. You can also see her unique birthmark on her upper left gum. It is growing right along with her.

Fiona the Hippo Photo

Fiona being Fiona. It's so great that her Mom likes to play ALMOST as much as she does.

Fiona the Hippo

Fiona tipped the scales at 451 lbs this morning. Soon she'll be big enough to eclipse the sun herself!


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Supporters react:

Cara Benz When I drive past one of the chip billboards with her making that face, I have no choice but to try my best to emulate it while loudly yelling "mmaaaaaaahhh." It's literally a compulsion at this point. It usually startles my husband and occasionally makes him fear for his safety. 
Does anybody else have a similar reaction, or am I just a total nutcase?

Robin Henselin McReynolds I find it pretty Amazing that this little hippo Fiona, has become such a star….She is all caught up with a hippo her age now…Great Job to the Hippo Caretakers…Love this Hippo…I hope to come see her in person one of these days…I'm in Michigan so not that far of a drive

Kristy Thomas It is hard to fathom she isn't eating like pounds of dry crunchy food. But she is still a wee one with no teeths!!!! She has changed my mind about Hippos for sure!

Linda Sanders Healthy because of so much love and attention from her team. Beautiful baby girl!

Tammi Rutherford Sigman Well, I think her look says how unkind a remark that is about her weight. Jk. She's the hippo with the mostest

Maddy Mendenhall As long as she can play and toll around in the water, I will not need special glasses to watch and enjoy!

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