Fiona the Baby Hippo Has Discovered the Joy of a Good Shower

Fiona the Hippo In the Shower

Fiona the baby hippo has discovered the joy of a good shower

Premature Baby Hippo Fiona Gets a Bigger Pool


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Supporters react to Fiona the Hippo In the Shower

Amanda Etheredge Now I'm not saying this baby reminds me of you Fiona but isn't she just too cute (you're the only Fiona I know 

Cheryl Crook: What a gorgeous little??? Girl. And what a perfect name Fiona!

Shanyn Nothling Why would you put a killing machine in the shower like dat 

Penelope Sparrow: Imagine this with red hair and you have the reason why I used to take so long in the shower. Hahahah.

Roxanne Jackson : My fav – I'm sure Staffs are related to hippos

Courtney J Cooper Can't believe they leaked this video of me in the shower

Claire Hoteit  She's trying to drink the shower water lol so cute

Margaret Oziemski Not too long now or youll get dry skin and have to see the Hippodermatologist

Kondwani Phiri How I feel taking a shower after an unhealthy meal

Priscilla Antoinette Rare footage of you taking a shower

William Szymanski Some how reminds me of Nala

Ashleigh Burman Laini  This hippo is my reason for living

Pauline Rusk I want a baby hippo with my golden retriever

Joe Fleming What's Leonie doing taking a shower Hayden James

 Jess Kerr Why are baby hippos so adorable. Like fat little slug puppies

Samantha Wright I think a baby hippo is my new favourite animal Shelby Justina

Fiona Langham Every morning I do the same!

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