Fiona the Hippo in Pool: She showing off her famous ear wiggle

Fiona the Hippo in Pool

Fiona showing off her famous ear wiggle & playful personality!


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Supporters react to Fiona the Hippo in Pool

Mango Sistah So great! How is Henry doing? How come Dawn Strasser isn't interviewed in the videos? She was a big part of Fiona's early care.

Laurie Selvan I love this…I sure wish you would all take notes and have a book written with all this information in it. I would love to buy them for gifts and my family

Sherry Stepulla I love these episodes and look forward to new ones. The Fiona Team did a marvelous, loving job with this baby. Thank you and thank you for all this hippo education we are receiving.

Mary Nelson No doubt she is the smartest baby hippo ever , this baby girl is very smart , wish I wasn't in Texas because I sure would be at that Cincinnati Zoo watching her as often as I could , thank you all in the Cincinnati Zoo for taking wonderful care of her and sharing her life story.

Kathy Wynne Rossell This is an amazing story of Fiona's journey! Loving every minute! A big thank you to the wonderful Cincinnati Zoo staff on their strong efforts in not giving up on sweet Fiona! 

Cheryl Semrau Quite a few years ago my family and I was at the Calgary Zoo here in Alberta, Canada. They had a baby hippo there. My Dad really liked the hippo and that became his favourite animal. At times it was hard to get hippo "things" like pens, paper, toys etc for him. He would have loved to see Fiona. Thank-you for the updates. Keep up the good work.

Mary Nelson All the medical staff and all the caretakers a big thank you what a marvelous job that you done raising Fiona , because of all that special hand care raising of her she is curious at that glass window looking at the people we can take pictures , she's looking at you while you're looking at her

Linda Graham Just love following her progress, she has come so far, Going back and watching the whole story is awesome, thank you for sharing, Thank you to all those whose love ,devotion and very hard work saw her through, you are all so Awesome,She could not have have had better care anywhere

Teri Carr I've been following our baby since she was born. I just want to say thank you to the full caregiver staff for getting her acclimated back to her environment and reunited with her parents; it has been wonderful experience to witness!

Lynn Perrone Thank you for sharing this information. She is so adorable and I agree that Fiona is a perfect name. So happy she is doing so well. I hope someday to be able to come to your zoo to see her and her family.

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