Top 10 Fiona Images To Quench Your Hippo Obsession

Top 10 Fiona the Hippo Images To Quench Your Hippo Obsession

After over 75,000 votes this will be the photo on the cover of the 2018 Fiona calendar! We will let you know when the calendars are on sale this fall. Thanks to everyone that voted! The other 3 photos will also appear in the calendar.

This baby hippo is a little reminder that there is still good in the world

Fiona the Hippo

Best Fiona the Hippo Images

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Fans around the world react:

Jacqueline Mortier Wilson Still the cutest! Would love to hear about her father who had been ill! Does she still get along with her human care takers?

Paula Rock Stevenson I knew this one would win…I only didn't vote for it because it looked a little like she was chained, whic I know is ridiculous, so thanks, I don't need any haters going after me. Maybe you could photo shop that out.

Cecelia Mitchell Kinor As horrible as the news has been lately every time I see her sweet face I feel so much love for her! Thank you Keepers for saving her life!

Susan Connor This was my second choice, it was a very tough decision because she doesn't take a bad picture……she's photogenic

Katey Halloran I think we need a calendar! Look how stinking cute and her little "paws" Idk what they are really called but omg

Debbie Fields I hope we can order calendars online. I will buy several for Christmas presents. Everyone should see Fiona. She is good for the soul. At least my soul.

Linda Clark Hope you make plenty of calendars as looks like you will be selling a ton of them. Can't to get a couple. Know some people that this will make a great Christmas present for. Love that Fiona.

Angela Baker-Colyer Totally buying a calendar of my favorite little hippo. She's so cute it will be hard to choose only twelve pictures. Hope there are some pics of Bibi and Henry included.

Mary Nelson Definitely let us know when those calendars are ready , actually couldn't do wrong with any of the photos , run the photos again so we can see the others that this one beat

Sheri Cobarruvias I really didn't think much about hippos till I saw Fiona. She is absolutely adorable! I love following her journey. I've learned so much!

Wendy Dawson I LOVE this photos and I voted for it, but hopefully the photo will be cropped for the calendar. I know Fiona is LOVED, but this photo (to the new viewer) looks like she's chained…

Elizabeth Whitcomb I hope it's also in the calendar – I'd rather be able to see it for a month than 2 hours from when I get it and when I put it up and the cover sits against the wall.

Rosanne Bierman There must be other contests that this photo can be entered in to win some money for the zoo — This photo is so awesome — I am definitely in for the 2018 calendar.


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