Fiona the Hippo Getting Halloween Treat With Mom

Fiona the Hippo Halloween Treat

Fiona and Mom are getting Halloween treats at the Cincinnati Zoo


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Supporters react to Fiona the Hippo Halloween Treat

Laura Hunt: I guess we should have gone early!

Crystal Schraw This is the same exact look my kid gives me when I yell upstairs for him and turns out he is standing behind me! I can literally hear Fiona, "Geez, mom, I'm right here!"

Ashley Balyeat OK fiona this is how you do one of those optical perspective photos it's all about fooling the viewer into thinking your doing something odd…like this I'm spitting out fish lol

Tiffany Rathgeber Uhh huh… Everything looks good! Just make an appointment with my receptionist and I'll see you again in 6 months!

Mike Bakker "Get in my Belly! Baby, the other white meat! Baby, it's whats for dinner! I want my baby back, baby back, baby back

Josh Simpson Teeth are looking good, mom. No cavities. I'll recheck you in 6 month. Please try and improve on your flossing though.

Anastacia Witchlow “I didn’t stay in your tummy for long enough last time, what makes you think I’m gonna do it again?!”

Karen Haggerty Davis "Fiona, mommy loves you, this much! " I know mama, I love you too! We are the happiest, luckiest, hippos of all time

Lauren Entman Demby Ok Fiona I'll tell you the story one more time. And the witch says, "Better to eat you with my dear."

Leann Isaac Restaino The moment when your mom is yelling at you like a crazy person and you're trying to keep a straight face.

Theresa Comer Be sure and eat all your dinner so when you grow up you will have big beautiful teeth just like mine!

L K Vorhies Steck What are you doing mom?
I'm neutralizing the plaque acids in my mouth.
I don't see anything.
That's because it's working!

Catherine Drayton Biboi: My girl, this is what you'll grow up to be.
Fiona: wow, they could be really good scratching things.

Chris Whitney This tilapia tastes nothing like pepperidge farm gold fish

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