Fiona the Hippo from the Cincinnati Zoo Latest Update

Fiona the Hippo from the Cincinnati Zoo Latest Update

Fiona can now touch on her tippy toes!! Keep growing Fiona

fiona the hippo from the cincinnati zooFiona the Hippo 

We had her all to ourselves today while my sister ran in the cheetah run

Fiona the Hippo from the Cincinnati Zoo Latest Update

Fiona the Hippo from the Cincinnati Zoo 

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Supporters react:

Betty Krause Love her tippy toes & reminders for us all to 'reach for it'

Carol Carlson Love the fish keeping her clean. Love Fiona. I can't wait for the Fiona Show!

Gwen Christensen She's such a big girl now! That's a fabulous photo! Thanks for posting, Team Fiona.

Rita Tracy Wow! She is growing and can reach from bottom to outside water!!! Fantastic!

Trina Tyler Love it. So sorry I missed coming to see her yesterday. So close yet so far away!

Debbie Sellars Great photo. Every milestone is a feather in the Zoo's cap when you remember where she started. Awesome!

Barb Fey-Croft Love to see how see is growing. Thanks for continuing to keep us in the loop.

Eileen Jones I hope to come see her before she's not a baby anymore! 

Cynthia Rafferty Amazing to see her physical development all the time. Go Fiona!

Amber Thom I got to see her yesterday and she is so beautiful!! So glad you all share her life with us

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Sarah Lowe Saw her yesterday for a few seconds in between other peoples heads. It would be nice if the zoo could allow a certain amount of people in for a few minutes and then have them leave and the next group come in. People get to the front and keep standing there blocking children and everyone else. It's unfortunate.

Kerri Tillman I found this picture of her dad, Henry last night from our family zoo trip to Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, MO in March 2012! So glad Henry is feeling better!

Bella Dawn Northwest Arkansas LOVES FIONA she's adorable! Our family is thinking of making a trip to meet her in person!

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