Premature Baby Hippo Takes First Steps

Fiona the Hippo First Step

Premature Baby Hippo Takes First Steps

Encouraging news from hippo headquarters this morning. Fiona was active during the night and consumed a good amount of formula on her own! This video, taken by her animal care staff during the overnight shift, shows Fiona's first steps! Keep the positive vibes coming!


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Supporters reacted to Fiona the Hippo First Step
Maria Elena Cabrera Awwwwwww baby Fiona is walking!!!!! This is the best news ever!!!!!!  Thank you for the update!

Ann Poucher He is getting stronger every day. Thank you for your love and care. God bless

Telly Kimbrough Way to go Sweet Baby Fiona!  One step at a time, I am so rooting for you.  To the caretakers, those steps were because of you, so thank you!  All of you keep up the good work!

Abinator Holmes Thanks God Way a you go Fiona!!! She's feeling a lot better thank goodness she's OK  !!! Thanks for the update guys I was a little bit worried about her!!

Nyxxsify At the Cincinnati Zoo a little hippo caused a big hullabaloo. I love that line! She really has and made her way into our hearts. The team has done such a wonderful job, you should all be proud. Happy 6 months Fiona!

Willie Robinson I hope you have a nice birthday snack today, Fiona! It's wonderful to see you grow up big and strong.

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