Fiona the Hippo finds a leaf. Fiona and Bibi have been enjoying this unseasonably warm weather

Fiona the Hippo Finds a Leaf.

Fiona and Bibi have been enjoying this unseasonably warm weather! Hippos can only be outside if it's at least 50 degrees.


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Fans reacted to Fiona the Hippo Finds a Leaf.

Arlene McKinlay Stobinski I can ALWAYS count on Fiona to make me smile and feel good all over 

Amanda Milam Stern Even on bad days, these baby Fiona videos make me so happy!

Becky Zavichas She has so much personality it is actually hard to believe she is a hippo!

Janna Basler Thompson Fiona, I love you so much! I'm so glad we are in this world at the same time..

Silvia Terrazas-Olivo Love this sweet baby girl, Fiona is just adorable

Denise Hunter Awe how cute. Will you please tell us how they are doing without Henry? I think about him all the time and miss seeing him. TY 

Susan Weis It is so amazing that this little hippo + her family has brought so much joy + peace to all of us. I also miss Henry.

Mary Turney So happy they were able to be out day after Thanksgiving. I was visiting our daughter so we went on Friday to see Fiona, Mom and the Christmas Lights. Loved it!

Anita Roy Gordon She is such a precious little girl. she finds new things everyday. she inspires me to love and live each day and find joy everyday. Thank you Fiona for your love of life and for just being you!

Ellen S Culpepper My grandson got to see Fiona and Bibi in person yesterday. He was so excited. Fiona came right up to the window to see everybody.

Sara Dillon I didn't think she'd get any cuter. Then she found a blinking leaf. I love that hippo.

Paula Ross She's very cute and special. Growing, having fun. Being taken good care of. Thank you all. I love Fiona, and mommy.

Nichole Niedermayer I could watch this girl all day. If they had a 24/7 live hippo stream, I wouldn't get much work done. lol

Aissatou Sunjata Thank you. We who are so far away and can't visit Fiona and Bibi daily to see how they are doing still need our Fiona of FiBi Fix

Billy Paul Merry Christmas Fiona! Enjoying our Fiona Christmas ornament from Rockwood Pottery! It was even better than we hoped

Pat Piccione-Athanasion Aww she is the sweetest thing. Just love her!

Renae Benton Overcash She is always a happy baby hippo. You can tell she has big pappa Henry's spirit

Amanda Milam Stern Even on bad days, these baby Fiona videos make me so happy!

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