Fiona update: Guess whose New Year’s resolution will NOT be to lose weight?!

Guess whose New Year's resolution will NOT be to lose weight?!
fiona the hippo farts

Fiona the Hippo 

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Fans reacted:

Evelyn J Kern Baby girl Fiona made my 2017 something special. I'm always checking in on her. Thank you Cincinnati Zoo

Wendy K Courtney At the beginning of this year I never thought that my heart would be totally smitten with a hippo. Just love Miss Fiona so much.

Catherine Hogan Seaton You made my year Fiona!!! Turned 70 with a Fiona party! Waiting for hippo encounter tickets tocome and see you. Even though you’ll be bigger by spring, I will still love you my princess!

Samantha Washington Oh no! She can’t do that, we’d be worried!! I wish I could gain a ton and be healthy lol!! Oh and we are so excited to start use of our calendar tomorrow!

Tishi Traylor-Jones I love Miss Fiona! She has come so far!!! Hopefully Bibi and Fiona have a wonderful New Year. Sad Henry is no longer with us. Following her story has brighten this year. No weight loss program please. We need more weight lol. Loving You Fiona and Bibi!

Eileen Nosky LOL. I always laugh at the commercial with the 2 deers. One wanting something to eat. The 1 deer suggest the hippo. The hippo looks up and says "huh"? Because the hungry deer said " To much fat"! Is that Fiona?

Marianne Airey Our favorite Hippo!! I'd give my left kidney to not have lose weight on my New Year's resolutions! Enjoy, sweet baby! You and Bibi are loved so much!

Sue McDonald Thuma I can’t believe how far she’s come. Thank you guys so much for taking such good care of our precious Fiona. Y’all have done an amazing job!

Susan O'Rourke Salata I just shared my year long love affair I’ve been having with Fiona and now they are jealous because I kept it a secret.. Now there hooked with our girl now

Barbara Zaitzow Happy New Year to our wonderfully famous hippo and her Mom (RIP, Daddy-hippo) and to all the super people (here and away) who care for all animals.

Kristy Blatt So cute as always but she’s loosing that baby look! Make her stay small and cute forever. But she’s always going to be America’s favorite hippo!

Judy Young I love you, you precious little baby Fiona. I'm coming to see you next summer. Don't get too big on me. Happy New Year Fiona & Bibi

Kathy Radvansky-Nicholson Happy New Year Fiona !! It's been a great year watching you grow, you've made me smile everyday!! And to the care team too!

Sharon Peters Happy New Year Team Fiona ! Happy New Year Fiona!!! It's been quite the year for all of you. We're blessed that people who care and Fiona who fought are here today.

Sylvia Elaine And that's a good thing! She fought hard, and had lots of help from people who love her, to get where she is.

Vicki Kerns Happy New Year, Miss Fiona. You have brightened so many lives with your story, your cuteness & your personality. WE LOVE YOU!!!

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