Fiona the Hippo Update on August 26th

As you can see Henry is feeling better!! Thank you for all the prayers and good vibes sent his way!

In the deep end Fiona uses her Mom as a step stool.



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Supporters react:

Diane Stoddard I think his feelings were hurt. Not getting the attention from his woman since the baby was born. His feelings have been appeased.

Amber Snow Neil This brought tears to my eyes. I've never seen Henry do anything like that. He had such a tiny pool at Dickerson Park Zoo. I'm glad he's feeling better and I'm glad he has a better home.

Judith Di-Sandolo Happy Hippo Henry xx 
I'm so pleased that he is better xx 
The video is amazing and it shows that the huge happy hippo Henry is a graceful under water ballerina …. actually rather like a mermaid …. I mean a merman !!
Love Henry 

Jane Harding Awww brilliant! I was wondering if he was depressed having to share his Bibi….but then again he now has his gorgeous Fiona too xx

Kim King Whalen So glad to hear Henry to feeling better! Still praying for a complete recovery. Thanks to Cincy Zoo team for taking such great care of him!

Lynne Richie South Such good news! So happy for the family. Praying for his continued good health. Thank you to all those involved in his care

Libby McNeil So glad Henry is on the mend. Hoping and praying for continued strength and good vibes for no more sickness for our favorite Hippo Daddy.

Jeanie Killion I hadn't heard he was feeling sick but I am happy to hear that he is feeling better now. What was wrong with him?

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