Fiona the Hippo Update on Sept 2th Cincinzita Zoo

Fiona the Hippo Family Photo

The votes are in and after over 75,000 votes this will be the photo on the cover of the 2018 Fiona calendar! We will let you know when the calendars are on sale this fall.

Fiona the Hippo



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Thanks to everyone that voted! The other 3 photos will also appear in the calendar.

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Supporters react:

Cher Marshall Miles Boy, after all the hoopla, I hope I can get a calendar! Look at those ears! And those toe nails need some color!

Nicole Ibach Kemble All I can say is they better order a ton of calendars. All of Fiona 's adoring public is gonna want one.

Vanessa Napolitano I know what I'm getting for xmas grab bag

Kara Hicks Schenkel Currently the wallpaper on my phone and I will be coming to see her next weekend! CANNOT WAIT

Shirley Varner Yeah that's the one I voted for. The other pictures were cute but that was my favorite

Stacy Burns They couldn't have went wrong with any picture of her. She's adorable at every stage of her life.

Martha Grunwald Koelemay Mindy is right. I had a terrible time choosing and would have been happy with any of them!

Brandy Brenner Yay!!! This was photo D & I was one of those 75,000 votes! Precious Fiona

Dede McElroy I voted for this one. The ears are what got me right in the feels!!!

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