Top 5 Fiona the Hippo Episodes You Need to Watch Right Now

Fiona the Hippo Episodes 

Tomorrow's FionaFix is going to be a Facebook Live at noon with the one and only Miss Fiona as the season finale of The Fiona Show. Tune in and have lunch with Fiona.

Fiona the Hipp Family

Fiona the Hippo Episode 1

The Beginning. Watch never before seen video of Fiona's birth and hear her care team reflect on how it all began.


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Fiona the Hippo Episode 2

The Struggle. Take a look back at vet & animal care staff's fight to keep Fiona alive with help from Cincinnati Children's.

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Fiona the Hippo Episode 3

Bigger and Better. After overcoming major medical hurdles Fiona begins to thrive.

Fiona the Hippo Episode 4

More to Explore. Fiona begins reaching new milestones.

Fiona the Hippo Episode 5

Family Reunion. The labor of love to get Fiona strong and healthy would only be a true success if her care team could safely reintroduce her to her Mom and Dad.

Fans react to Fiona the Hippo Episodes 

Pat Steele Nielsen Thank you for sharing each of these episodes. It really has been so interesting! Love the enthusiasm and kindness of all of the caregivers. 

Cheryl McKinnis I love that they wait for the staff to come walk by them in the morning lol

Louann Burress It's as if she is posing for your photographer ! I can't get enough! Fiona for President

Sue Hartness Love her so much! Have enjoyed the show so much and the info. Super support team!

Diana Palma Please keep the Fiona connection going. Your team said they were amazed at all the attention she has attracted. I'll tell you what it is: with all that's going on in this world, it's the one thing that makes me smile everyday. We love Fiona for the pure joy she brings to our hearts

Jessica Shaffer Fiona is looking like a big hippo a little more every time I see an update on her. She is one resilient young hippo. Makes me smile and brings tears to my eyes seeing her hit all of her important milestones. She couldn't have been born in a better place with a more caring and devoted team. I can't wait to see her in person.

fiona the hippo episodes Fiona the Hippo

Jennifer Struzzi Tupper The outcome of this story could have ended so badly if not for the devotion, dedication, quick-thinking, loyalty, patience, and abundant love of this fabulous team. You gave us all a break from the horrors of this world we live in; the political issues, war, weather-related sadness, the immense pain of Las Vegas, to name a few.

Logging in to the Fiona Show was the highlight of my day. She became so special to so many animal lovers, myself included! We have rescued so many animals in my family, saving them from death. You did the same, and you are so appreciated for your work. I'll be making a trip to Cincinnati to meet this "little" phenomenon!!! Love you Fi-Fi!

Dee Tulipani Thank you to all the support staff that helped this little hippo to survive and THRIVE! Your dedication to this one animal is an awesome example of dedicated individuals working together for a common purpose. I am not sure if the general public realize the countless hours you all have given to help Fiona live. You have made Fiona as much the star she is. So happy this is a wonderful success story!

Mike Livio Please continue to share stories, pictures, videos and more about Fiona. She is such a bright light in what is currently a dark world. The care that you all have shown to her shows how good people can be, and how much animals mean to us. Fiona is loved by so many people. That means a lot.

Ellen Priest She's super cute, I wonder if she really knows she's a hippo, a human, a what ever she is, the ladies are discibing human characteristics she does like squealing lol


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