Fiona the Hippo Engagement Photos 2017

Fiona the Hippo Engagement Photo


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Hippos… They're just like us! About that time Fiona the hippo farted in front of all her fans.

Fiona the Hippo Engagement Photo

I must be the only person in the world that doesn’t think this is cute..hippos are just so gross to me

Fiona hippo engagement ring

But for real tho, why do farts smell so much worse in the tub

If you got engaged at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, and Fiona the Hippo didn't photobomb thephotos, did you even get engaged?

 How stinking cute is that lol

Fans reacted to Fiona the Hippo Engagement Photo:

Angel Mota I LOVE Fiona she is pure joy to watch even when she farts 

Charlotte Burnside Fiona: the thing that might convince me that yes, my bf and I should move to Cincinnati lol

Gary Larison Mine wouldn't have followed you around for 30 min.

Ronald Smith Only a matter of time before some kid falls in this enclosure too and ruins it for everyone

Mario Rosales When all your friedns wre getting engaged and your just there in the back waiting for someone to noticed you

Meggie Lindsey I'm glad they got the photobomb, and I'm glad she said yes, but doesn't one year seem a little short to be proposing? but still though congratulations!

Shawn Dulsky “He asked to marry me while we were spending our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY at the zoo” that’s the problem with people nowadays lmao. ONE YEAR.

Adonai Vargas For some reason I read "this couple was photographed by an adorable hippo" and was like damn they calling someone fat?? Lol

Nana Abena Serwaa Adomako Ok. I don’t mean to be rude. But the part that they were smiling looking at the camera, they sure did look alike….like a family.

Valorie Cook When they eventually have children I wonder if they will keep them in a cage and charge people to see them and I love Fiona the Hippo Engagement Photo

Zack Borgy If the interent really cared about that hippo they would get it out of the zoo…. Yet another trend people mindlessley follow for no reason.

Miranda Robertson Evans didn't the story say she said they handed their camera to someone so they could get a pic with Fiona and she turns around and he was down on one knee? Well then I don't call that photobombing if the cute hippo was already there in place for a pic. That's just the power a well placed hippo! But made a cute engagement pic! And much luck to them in marriage, I married my high school sweetheart and we've been together 18 years married!! Congratulations to them!

Buzz Dixey Now don't tell me they are gonna call their first child, if it's a girl "Fiona, that would be stupid.

Artyom Zimlinsky Cincinnati zoo… That hippo shouldn't trust humans if she knows what's good for her, especially stray human children.

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