Fiona the Hippo Eating Lettuce: Lettuce Entertain You

Fiona the Hippo Eating Lettuce

Lettuce entertain you~ Fiona isn't going after the fish, she's going after the lettuce! Fish are not a part of a hippos diet which consists mainly of plants and grasses.

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Fiona the Hippo Eating Lettuce- Supporters react:

JeanineAnn Elson I believe it might be the fish help with bacteria in the water and in their mouths maybe? I thought I read it somewhere on their page

Tina Nicole Kraucz Lettuce is yummy, Fiona! You're getting more precious everyday ! I hope your Daddy had a great birthday yesterday…it's also great that he's getting better

 Also, to everyone reading this, I live in PA…I don't know if anybody knows about the elephant who born prematurely at The Pittsburgh Zoo…she was doing well enough to be on display for visitors, but recently, her teething has been stopping her from eating, therefore causing her to lose weight, so she had a feeding tube inserted…her recovery was going well, but news broke today, she passed away.

Please say prayers for the Zoo, her Care Team, her Parents, and anyone else who has the Blessing of knowing this precious girl (I say has because she still exists in hearts and memories

Jeannine Thoma Thank you for this sweet gift! No matter what I'm doing, if something about Fiona pops up…Life holds still for a minute.. I'm all Smiles & Hapoy tears!! Love Fiona 

Elizabeth Connelly Coffey I am a transplant from Ohio living on the Gulf Coast in Texas. Even with everything we are going through right now, Fiona always makes me smile. Thanks for the happy hippo posts

Lisa Hill Adams Ah, Princess Fiona….my classes (in El Paso, Texas) got their first glimpse of you today as you were featured on CNN 10. Well, of course, I had to show my classes some more photos of you as you are so photogenic. I included photos of your zoo pal Kendi. Love to you sweet Fiona! Stay adorable

Patty O'Brien Thank God for Fiona she brings smiles to all of us Now I know this question has probably been asked but will Fiona Bebe and Henry live forever at the Cincinnati Zoo

Sonya Wyatt Hall In this crazy world of bad news she is always a pleasure to watch. I look forward to seeing her. Thank you for sharing in this beautiful creature.

Dee Cross It must give Fiona's care team immense happiness to see her thriving! Well done!Well done! What a wonderful journey to watch.Cannot wait to visit soon!

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