Fiona the Hippo Dancing – Latest Update On Baby Fiona Today

Fiona the Hippo Dancing

Fiona!!! Look at her go!!! Maybe it’s not so weird that a hippo’s closest living relatives are whales and porpoises.


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Fiona Hippo Weight Update: She weighed in at 530lbs. today

Henry and Fiona Hippo Latest Update Today From Cincinnati Zoo

Henry Update: He still has very little appetite and is losing weight

Fiona the Hippo Live Stream: Episode 7: The Season Finale

Lastest Update on Henry the Hippo Cincinnati Zoo Today

Update on Fiona the Hippo Calendar 2018

Fiona the Hippo New Book Hip Hippo Hooray for Fiona Now

Top 5 Fiona the Hippo Episodes You Need to Watch Right Now

Supporter react to Fiona the Hippo Dancing

Tracy Thompson-Oikemus She sure knows how to put on a show dosent she?!?!?!?! Lmbo

Diane Weil She just fills our hearts with such joy….miracles do happen!

Tiffany Tilley Rose Fitts – We should try to meet in Cincinnati in the spring and go visit Fiona!

Kelly Stivers Williams What a little character! Enjoying the good things in life. Love this girl.

Bertie Turner Wow! She is wild today!! Just shows how happy she is!

Cindy Babcock Omg..that Fiona!! Personality plus! She sure is a show off and show stealer. Hilarious!! Love her 

Willow Reed Kat Smith this cures me of all of the House drama stress

Laurie Selvan She looks like she is really happy and having fun! Whatever the reason, she is enjoying it!

Kimberly Smith Oh my gosh, I just love her so much!! She looks like she's having the time of her life!

Robin Peebles Knapp She is on the move!! Love it!! Looks like she had some pent up energy like a typical little kid!

Dana Black Vise I love that the zoo adds photos and videos along the way so we can see Fiona's progress also.

Jennifer R. Gaddis I remember when she was little and trying to figure out what this water was all about.

Deborah Hendrix Can you imagine seeing a hippo do this in a river at that speed?

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Baby Hippo Fiona Update – Cincinnati Zoo

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Fiona the Hippo Family Feunion: Episode 5 – Family Reunion

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Fiona the Hippo Learns to Swim: Fiona Can Do the Backstroke

Fiona the Hippo 9 Months and She is Doing Great Cincinnati Zoo

Fiona the Hippo Blog Latest Update: Fiona on Her Tippy Toes

Fiona the Hippo Eating Lettuce

How much does fiona the hippo weigh now

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