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Fiona the Hippo Coffee Mug 

Happy BossesDay! We know who the boss of this bloat is! Planning to come visit Fiona? Keep in mind that temps need to be at least 50 degrees F (with sunny skies) for hippos to go out. Care staff may have to make decisions/adjustments each day based on hippos’ health, highs and lows forecasted, water temperature and other conditions.

Fiona the HIppo

Fiona the Hippo Episode 7

Fiona  Running 

Here’s a video of her when she was younger running


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A poem About Fiona:

She is fiesty, funny
Cute and smart
Since her birth awhile back at Cincinnati Zoo
She has stolen our heart
Each week we tune in
To see what she has learned and become
Sometimes challenging
A positive healthy attitude
Is the goal of her life
She makes her sounds
Loves the water 
Perhaps she imagines herself as a beaver or otter
Delightful and a tad bit good kinda mischievous and adventurous
She strives and tries that extra mile
In her own style
Quirky, spiny
Lively , Loveable,
Adorably huggable
Contented as far as I can see and know 
Concluding this poetic ditty of
The Hip and Harmony of Fiona the Hippo…

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Fans react 

Betty Krause Yes, hippos are fast, I would not want to be chased by one! It is great seeing her run & play & she is lifting up humanity one step  a time!

Chris Chandler This is why you keep your distance from them in the wild. They'll be on top of you in a heartbeat! Having said that, I still think Fiona is the greatest thing ever.

Karen Matika Bartell Watching her makes me so happy !

Sharon Harbers You just would never think they would be that fast with such a huge body and short legs.

Erica Graves Never thought I would fall head over heels for a baby hippo! Can’t get enough of her!

Cathy Smith I love all these little things about Fiona. I can never get enough.

Kelli Kimpel I was there yesterday when that was taken!! I got a beautiful head on pic of her right before she nailed the 50 hard dash to her momma!

Sally H Stone That’s one reason not to get between the hippo and the water

Aissatou Sunjata I have wanted to ask you this question. I would be coming from North Carolina so I wanted to know whether FiBi and Henry would be available. Since this is on my bucket list to come see them and other babies, I will plan for next year. Until then, please keep showing our baby The Fiona Show. Those of us South of the border love her very much!

Dawn Treude Seeing her this weekend was a joy. She did not disappoint. We even got a bit of sass thrown in yesterday afternoon. Bonus was seeing Henry and Bibi too!

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Susie McCoy Chaney I am coming this Saturday ! My husband asked what I wanted for our 29th wedding anniversary and I said, "I want to go see Fiona!". I am so excited!

Amanda Goldsmith what happens during the winter/colder months — do they have access to an indoor water area that is warmer???

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