Fiona the Hippo Update: Fiona showing off her dental development

Fiona the Hippo Cincinnati Video

Fiona showing off her dental development. She enjoys the dental check and mouth massage, so it’s easy for care staff to assess growth.



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Supporters react:

Elizabeth Deems She is soooo adorable! Love you, Fiona!

Donna Magee Baby girl getting toofers! Looking Good, Fiona!

Sandra McCreight Such cute little teeth. I think we should check back in a couple of years. Haha

Annie Washington Is this really a Hippo or a person -.she is amazing

Taneal Hobbs I can honestly say that before Fiona I never even thought about hippos, but I can say now that I actually LOVE one! She has been such a joy to watch grow and play. She has put many smiles on my face. Just wish I could give her a big kiss and hug

Cindy Marie Palacios Her care team deserves an outstanding award. No one gave up on her, so many “firsts” in keeping her alive. 
Thanks to her team, if another hippo is born premature, they have the tools and a fighting chance. 
The fact that she is alive goes way beyond her own journey.

Estella Bunny Howe Awesome. Congrats Fiona. Love watching this little girl grow from day one. What a blessing. She has brought so much love and understanding. I'm betting that the number of families visiting this zoo has really grown.

Natalie Gipson Drake My husband now lovingly refers to her flatulence Fiona lol who doesn’t love a 500 pound baby hippo with 5 Chins who farts under water and has the cutest face on earth 

Kathleen Michielli- Lombo I am in love with every pound of this girl! And that face, those ears, those rolls! Thank you to the wonderful caregivers that wouldn't give up on her! I look forward to every post about her and her family!
Keep growing Fiona!

Sarah Vanvechten "Wtf are you doing to me ?? I kinda like it "

Elaine Kujawa Stevenson So sweet. Such a good girl, Fiona!

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