Fiona the Hippo Chirldren`s Book

Fiona the  Hippo Chirldren`s Book

Fiona’s face is all over a new board book for children ages 0-3. Fiona’s Feelings, by blue manatee press owner and pediatrician Dr. John Hutton, includes photos of the famous baby hippo that show her “expressing” various feelings, such as “happy,” “sad” and “scared.”

fiona the hippo childrens bookFiona the hippo children`s book

The book is now available at blue manatee children's bookstore and at the Cincinnati Zoo's gift shops. It will be distributed nationally in the spring of 2018. A portion of the proceeds from Fiona’s Feelings goes to the Cincinnati Zoo.

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Supporters reacted to Fiona the  Hippo Chirldren`s Book

Darlene Camp I just want t thank the Cincinnati Zoo for using the airwaves to make her and all accessible to everyone , its truly lovely and very important Fiona via you all might save the world and im so happy to be apart of this

Lexi MacGregor I said from day one a star was born. She clearly is a, star!!! Personality of Henry & bibi, plus her own little spin. She got some from her caretakers too

Sarah Andreanna Something wholesome AND cool that helps children identify and talk about their feelings! I am 10/10 for this!

Leigh Routh Who would have thought such a tiny little hippopopotamus could have such an impression on the world.

Sherrie June Foxen Mason Look at that adorable face! Giving Hollywood actresses and models a run for the money and making them all jealous!

Melissa Smith Yeah, so I'm 42 but those just jumped to the top of my Christmas wish list right beside her calendar….im in love with a hippo

Dawne Sarchet Thank you so much for letting people know about this because I didn't know! I have a number of great nieces and nephews who would love this. Plus this old great-aunt will enjoy seeing it as well. I love Fiona like everyone else does. She is a joy and a gem!

Janet Juszkiewicz Daly What portion of the proceeds goes to your wonderful zoo? I always think it must not be much that does – otherwise it would be mentioned. I sure hope it's substantial because Fiona is going to sell a lot of books!

Gina Schurr Haines Is this the only Fiona book? I was thinking there was another. I have a brand new Fabulous Niece. (Not ready to embrace the “g” word yet! 

Mary Polley Hi I love this pic of Fiona she is so cute and so sweet and so adorable just look at that face love her bye Mary

Debbie Fields Wow. She sure does express her feelings with that cute face. I will have that book for sure. So glad she is such a positive in this sometimes negative world. Thank you Cincinnati Zoo and Fiona.

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