Fiona the Hippo Cardboard Box Cincinnati Zoo

Fiona the Hippo Cardboard Box

Congrats to Megan Schnorf LaFollette! We chose her caption "Objects in the mirror are CUTER than they appear!" as the winner. Enjoy your ticket to PNC Festival of Lights!

fiona the hippo with mirro

Fiona the Hippo


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Supporters reacted to Fiona the Hippo Cardboard Box

Sharon Rook Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who‘s the fairest of them all.

Jeannene Saville I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!

Jerry Jett I'm not "skinny". I can't believe that guy called me skinny. I'm going to be as big as my mom someday. You wait and see
Celine Stroinski Saw baby Lilly at the Oregon Zoo in Portland last night sleeping standing up propped against her mama but she has nothing over Fiona. Of course I didn't see her in the mirror. Might go back to do that test.

Peggy Green I love this baby so cute so much personality. Wish I could see her before she grows up.

Mary Ann Zimmerman Carney I was there today and visited her 3 times. Unfortunately she was laying against Bibi every time I was there. I was hoping to see her swimming and playing. I am here from Atlanta and have followed her story from the beginning. My grandsons have seen her several times since they live near the zoo and have the yearly membership. Oh well, maybe next time

Lynne Applegarth She is such a character. I look for commentary on her everyday. Need to create a stuffed baby hippo with Fiona's name engraved on one side. Would sell a lot of them.

Sherrie June Foxen Mason Fiona,you're just so.precious. There's not a strong and descriptive enough.word to.descibe how much we love and adore you and your antics!

Janet Matherly Rowland Love that girl. It must be difficult for her caretakers not to be able to pet her and hold her as they did when she was smaller. I'm sure their instinct is to reach out and pet her, but they can't because of the danger.

Gwen Christensen I love Fiona's sass! To me her behavior is completely joyful, which is wonderful to see. Zoo animals deserve to be happy and well loved.

Laurel Goble Do they have an inside tank for winter since they spend a lot of they're time in water to keep their skin wet or do you just hose them down in winter?

Randi Scheurer My daughter and her husband calls my granddaughter Fiona "Sassy" when she shows her willful side…I'm a fan of this little hippo as she does remind me of my granddaughter Fiona

Lora Thacker It is so hard to believe that the hippo's are one of the most feared animals in Africa surely not our sassy one (Fiona)

Barbara Moss Little I still love it when one or more of my FB friends who don't know each other like and reply to a status or share 

Heather Curtis Well it's time for me to leave this life behind and go live with the hippos.

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