Fiona The Hippo Saying Helllo Cincinnati Zoo

Fiona the hippo cam

Fiona saying helllo. Today and tomorrow may be your last chance to catch a glimpse of Fiona before it's too cold for her to be outside. It needs to be 50 degrees for the hippos to be out

Fiona the Hippo Is Best Part Of 2017


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Fans reacted to Fiona the Hippo Cam:

Alison Wallace See you in The Spring. Keep us posted on the two ladies

Monica Rossmann Donnellon She's going to miss seeing her fans over the winter.

Jennifer Warshaw It should really go to the care team. You have all gone so far above and beyond. The level of love and care you show to all the animals you are entrusted with is amazing. Even when you had to make the heart breaking decision about Henry. Job well done.

Elaine Simmons Miss Fiona deserves to be on the cover. For the last year she has brought nothing but love and laughter to sooo many people. There is something in all of us that needed Fiona this past year. 
I for one look forward to every post and start my day off with a Fiona fix
She has won the hearts of so many

Karen S Sullivan Fiona deserves this. She has come through the rough times and never complained. She is a true ambassador for the people and doesn't have a devious bone in her body and who looks so awesome with her ripples.

Shelley Jones Lively Fiona is, by far, infinitely more interesting and likeable than any human being who has ever been on the cover. Give her the cover, a centerfold, and a whole issue all to herself 

Elizabeth Bone Why not? Fiona has inspired more people than than any one person has, for the good, this year. Except maybe Pope Francis. No controversy at all around Fiona, just caring, loving, and laughter.

Lily Lottes To all those that say Fiona isn’t a people….shhhhhhhhh. She is part human, part hippo and most definitely a people loving, photo bombing, diva hippo. Yes to Fiona on the cover!

Kim Underhill Potter She deserves it, more than anyone else. I mean look at that magnificent pose. She's got style, grace and the face everyone loves. Oh, and she's extremely famous and a miracle baby. YES, I say she deserves it.

Linda Hauser Everyone who has seen her I'm sure loves her. It's her caretakers who have loved, nurtured and photographer her for all of us to love and enjoy. Fiona has made me smile more times than I can count.

Mary Hughes Fiona has been a blessing for all of us who just want to deal with the wonderful stress free drama of the world. Like myself. She has been able to make us smile on a daily basis. I totall agree she should be on the front of Time magazine. She is so sweet and innocent. thanks to Fiona for making the days of 2017 just a little bit brighter.

Rhonda Green Lucas Time naming her this would be well deserved. Perhaps The Cincinnati Enquirer or Cincinnati Magazine could name her The most inspiring living being in 2017. She is a world wide sensation!

Lisa Taylor Chin I get teased all the time about how much I love Fiona but to me she represents hope and love of family I have been fortunate enough to meet her care team they never once gave up on her they never once stopped loving her or caring for her so you see I love her beyond the surface of "what a cute hippo" I love her because of what she represents to me …never give up !!!'

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