Fiona the Hippo Calendar 2018

Fiona the Hippo Calendar 2018

The 2018 Fiona calendar should be here in early November. As with all things Fiona, we are expecting them to fly off the shelves, so we want to make sure we order enough so that we don’t sell out right away.

Last chance to order your 2018 Fiona calendar online to receive it by Christmas! Quantities online are limited. Calendars are also available at the Zoo Gift Shop while supplies last

Online ordering for the Fiona calendar will end at midnight tonight. You will still be able to purchase calendars at the Zoo gift shop

fiona the hippo calendar 2018

Fiona the Hippo 

Get it : Here

Fiona the Hippo Is Best Part Of 2017

The 2018 Fiona calendars are here!!! Due to high demand please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. Calendars are $16.99 each. Click the link below to place your order. 

The 2018 Fiona calendars, get it: Here


You can get your Fiona Socks and Indoor Pillow:  Here  

Fiona Hippo Weight Update: She weighed in at 530lbs. today

Henry and Fiona Hippo Latest Update Today From Cincinnati Zoo

Henry Update: He still has very little appetite and is losing weight

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Update on Fiona the Hippo Calendar 2018

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If you are planning on buying a calendar please let us know how many you are hoping to order. The calendars will be $16.99.

Supporters react to Fiona the hippo calendar 2018

Connie Hughes-Townsend I ordered mine, plus a couple of other goodies! I can't wait to get my calender, snuggle up in my Team Fiona Fleece and hang my Fiona ornament on the Christmas tree this year! I just can't get enough of this very special and beautiful baby girl 

Nancy Gambino What do the calendar look like? Not the pictures but the months. Room to write in the box of a date?

Mikayla Murphree My birthday is in November… and Fiona the hippo calendar 2018 comes out in November… what a coincidence

Katie L Ayers Please hold a calander for me I am only buying one

Susan Ferguson I hope this photo is included – it's the cutest one yet!! Love her happy face

Many great gift options for YOUR list or for that special Fiona fan in your life! 
Some items are limited, back-orders will ship quickly…Enjoy!

Lisa Noakes What size are the calendars? No description online that I can see. I have ordered 2 but am afraid the USPS will try to bend them to fit in my mailbox because they care so much about their customer’s mail 

Catrina Steinmann Do any of the
Pictures have Henry in them? We are from Springfield and my
Son was crushed by the news of his favorite hippo passing. Thought if he is in a lot of these photos it would be a good Christmas stocking.

Lindy Danes I just ordered mine. So happy. It's going to be a Fiona Christmas at my house! A Fiona Christmas miracle! Thank you Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.

Cassy Wadsworth Shipping & handling are completely ridiculous ($13 to ship two calendars from Cincinnati to Columbus?). But there's a sucker born every minute, so I guess I'll be seeing my calendars in about a month.
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Vote Fiona the Hippo for the cover of the 2018 Fiona Calendar

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Fiona the Hippo Eating Lettuce

How much does fiona the hippo weigh now

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