Most young animals are playful but we think Fiona got an extra dose of personality

Fiona the hippo buzzfeed

Most young animals are playful but we think Fiona got an extra dose of personality!


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Our fans reacted:

Linda Booth Maybe her joy and friskiness is from all
the love and care she got from her human parents for so many months. She certainly is the Princess of Hippo Cove! Love her!

Anne Marie Seeing videos like this make me so happy. We drove from Milwaukee to see her this summer and enjoyed the trip the videos make it feel like she is right in our backyard. We were very sorry to hear of Henry and mourned your loss along with you. Glad Bibi and Fiona seem to be okay and are playful. Please keep the videos and the occasional Fiona show episodes coming. I would love episodes on Henry the gentle giant. Hippo holidays. And anything else viewers would like to see or hear about. Thank you

Corine LeMaster Pitts She was played with so much when she was young. I think that has totally given her such a unique spunky personality

Jennifer Davis With everything she's been through to get to this point… It's like she's happy to be alive and thriving. She's so fun to watch. This video is everything.

Lily Lottes Does Bibi roll her eyes at Fiona when she is full of herself? Fiona sure is having a blast. Awesome job TeamFiona/Cincinnati Zoo.

Kim Waible I look forward to my daily Fiona moment. A guaranteed chuckle! Thank you to her caretakers for continuing to post pics/vids/blogs of her miraculous story!

Debbie Cannon She has a complete love for life thanks to a great team who fought for her life.
Fiona is a happy girl and is thanking her humans by loving her life

Marlie Knathomspp She appreciates her second chance at life! And she knows what it's like to feel gravely ill and then wildly alive! 

Trisha English She is fortunate to be alive and doing so well, and I think she knows that and is ever so grateful and delighted with life as she knows it!

Judith Giordano I have a feeling a lot has to do with her interaction with humans since birth, you gave her games and interesting toys to play with she would have never had in the wild or a regular zoo raising. It is wonderful to watch and it will be interesting to see if one day she plays with her offspring in this manner.

Chad Luther She’s has all the personalities of the small human tribe that helped raise her. She’s been loved so not afraid to be Fiona.

Sandy Lorenz She makes me laugh! She is so happy to be where she is and know how they helped to get her there.

Sharon K Fugate Fiona training for the next Flying Pig marathon? What a silly girl! Bibi acts like, “how will I ever survive these teen years?”.

Carol Price Bowen Could be all the love and support that she was given in her early days and months by her human family. Great job guys!!

Diane Gaynor She's Soooo Funny … I think Fiona Found out how to get what she wants in her life, From partly being raised by Humans, She's making humans think she's a DIVA which fits her well, Her surrogate moms dads have spoiled her for the good … This is when having her in Captivity is keeping her Happy Healthy and Lovable … You're all doing a Great Job

Cindy Fisher Reynolds She s has brought so much joy to everyone from the beginning, She is so much fun to watch and see pictures of her!

Terri Couser Matheney She is a happy and secure baby! Fiona certainly does have personality plus!! Maybe with a touch of ham, too 

Chris Steingrabe As the mother of a 13 week preemie, now almost 21 years old, he has always had an extra dose of personality, strength, sense of humor and thank goodness perseverance! Zoom, zoom, zoom Fiona!

Natalie Nobile Shoop She cracks me up! I just can't help but smile when I see her. I've got my Fiona shirt on right now, come to think of it. My friends think I'm crazy! I'm in love with a baby hippo!

Elizabeth Brixey Love this! (And will someone there please get the NYT to correct Bibi’s weight in the wonderful story about Fiona? She’s 3,500 pounds, not 8,000, right?)

Ann Wade It may have something to do with all the extra attention she has received due to being born so early. She has been. Interesting and entertainment since birth

Becky Cadmus Steiner Fiona is so cute and playful. Kudos to all of the great care she has had from day one. I smile every time I get to watch her. Best thing would be a day at the zoo watching her in person.

Marti Thorndike Between the months of wonderful human care Fiona received…that allowed her to survive..and now having Momma care…this sweet girl relishes every minute of life…our happy,healthy Fiona

Jennifer Burrell Love it! We call this "ripping" in our house–when the dog goes nuts and tears around the house and up/down both flights of stairs 

Therese Whelan She always reminds me of a cartoon character brought to life. Just that extra little bit of giddyness and playfulness. Such a joy and honor to watch her grow and live her life.

Sue Knight Its wonderful to see a zoo with enough space for a hippo to run gleefully and frolic in her space. How did you do it Cincinnati?

Thelma Smith Poor her. Soon enough she is pacing her tiny enclosure suffering from zoochosis. It’s criminal to keep a hippo as your money collecting window doll.

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