Fiona the Hippo Bubbles: It’s Pretty Clear She’s still not a Fan of Bubbles.

Fiona the Hippo Bubbles

We tried bubble enrichment with Fiona months ago and she didn't care for them. We tried again yesterday and it's pretty clear she's still not a fan of bubbles.



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Supporters react to Fiona the Hippo Bubbles

Patty O'Brien I agree with the others she would rather toot her own She's like you don't know where these bubbles have been ,Love her , looks like Mom isn't thrilled either

Cynthia Rafferty Fiona just wants a rain shower shower head installed in the pool area instead of bubbles.

fiona the hippo bubbles

Fiona the Hippo Bubbles

Lynne Richie South Hmm….I wonder why? Mom doesn't like the bubbles either!

Judith Di-Sandolo Fiona says …. Who needs these man made bubbles when I can make my own !
…….. ie see yesterday's video of her making her own 

Deb Bivin Dunham That little girl makes her own bubbles, thank you

Miranda May Adams No bubble baths for Fiona, she'll stick with a shower lol

Margot Monaghan It's okay! My son hated finger painting! He couldn't stand the yucky mess all over his hands

Denny Diveley Mommy doesn't seem to be terribly thrilled with the bubble invasion either – presume the dispersant is ok in their pool?.

Debbie Eichelman Please dont blow bubbles on Fiona. she obviously doesnt like them

Terri Couser Matheney She doesn't like them, at all, does she? I think she's a little afraid –poor baby 


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