Fiona the Hippo Birth Update: She is currently able to eat anything

Fiona the Hippo Birth Update: She is Currently able to eat anything

The next milestone for Fiona will be transitioning from formula to solids so she is currently able to eat anything that Bibi is offered, but specifically given grain, beet pulp, apple, banana, and lettuce before and after each bottle feeding. Henry is about the same as yesterday. We will update if anything changes.

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Supporters react:

Susan Jones-Poland Love Fiona and Bibi and glad they have each other. Prayers continue for Henry. How old do you think he is?

Kathy Cunningham I sure hope Henry gets too feeling better real soon. Poor guy

Maggie Hill How did I get so hooked on this fat little hippo? I've even got a Fiona emblem on my car!
Maybe because she was so helpless in the beginning but defy ed the odds, and did it with such panache

Debb Finch Henry you listen up!! If Fiona can pull through her ordeal so can you!! Don't think you can leave your baby girl without her daddy!! Pull through Henry….we all are sending yo prayers & positive energy!! God's got your back

Patricia Jardine I would love to know how is she interacting with her care team now? And how is she moved to where you want her? Actually how are all the hippos controlled? Does she still cooperate with her care team? Will she always like humans?

Barbara Lahr You guys are awesome to share so much about Fiona. During this time, we have learned to much about hippo life. Not only is this a journey of loving this little (maybe not so much anymore) hippo and learning about hippos. As an additional note, we hope Henry is feeling better. He is part of this precious bloat, sending positive vibes his way.

Patty Herrmann Welsh What a blessing she is! Can you believe that this hungry hippo is the same little baby that we fell in love with?! Love Fiona even more today! Thank you for the daily updates, and for the updates on our baby rhino too!

Kimmie Ann He is probably stressed out from dealing with his sassy daughter lol Im sure he just needs some "dad time". Let him go on a boys fishing trip with his buddy Chris the Crocodile, who lives down the street. He will feel better

Jacqueline Capucine What a good dirl Fiona is! Now she's eating like a big girl and won't have he bottle anymore . Not yet, but soon..
She is such a cutie pie Fiona..
My very first hippo that i have followed since birth…

What am amazing team of Care Keepers taking care of the hippos…
I hope Fiona's daddy is going to be better..
I just don't know how a person takes care od a sick hippo…it must be very difficult…
Animals can't tell us humans what is hurting or not hurting…

Cheryl Markley McCumbers Hi sweetie your diet will sound almost like my pot bell Piggies special pellets Romaine lettuce banana apples treats of cheerio and other special fruit treats minus the beet pulp that we do give our horses in with their grain and of course no bottle… You are looking beautiful sweet angel…a question for your care givers beet pulp for wait gain and extra neutriants…

Karen Terese Kramraj Love this beautiful family Henry get well, so you can enjoy watching your adorable baby Fiona grow, God help this hippo daddy get better give the vet staff the knowledge to help him get better

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