Fiona the Hippo Ballet: Fiona Latest Update Today Cincinnati Zoo

Fiona the Hippo Ballet

Our Pic of the Week is from Haley Roll. Congrats from TeamFiona! I have a feeling this won't be the last engagement Fiona witnesses. Upload your zoo photos to Facebook or Instagram with #cincyzoopic to be considered next Thursday.

Haley Roll 

Turn your sound on for the Fiona ballet. Keep in mind that with the cooler temperatures upon us that the hippos can only go outside if it's 50 degrees or above


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The Fiona ballet. Keep in mind that with the cooler temperatures upon us that the hippos can only go outside if it's 50 degrees or above. It's always a good idea to the check our website before visiting to see all zoo updates for the day.

The Fiona ballet The Fiona ballet


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Supporters react to Fiona the Hippo Ballet

Maria Unkel That is so adorable!!! Fiona knows what’s going on and is looking forward to the day she gets engaged. And Henry in the background thinking don’t do it. 

Adriane Rinehart Fiona is like "you're supposed to be here to see me…don't be trying to steal my attention"…lol. No, it almost looks like she's smiling with approval.

Debra Cutter That is just the sweetest picture of precious little Fiona right in the middle of the proposal!! It was on World News last evening with Lester Holt. He has featured her several times and is always so gracious and even has a smile on his face!! Love you sweets!! XOXOXO

Ellen Sippel This is too cute. Not only is Fiona pressed against the window but Bibi is "swimming" in the background.(I assume that is Bibi although it looks like Henry to me) Someone else suggested Fiona should be the flower girl. I can just picture her with a floral wreath on her head!

Joan Manning This is the BEST advertisement your beautiful zoo can get. To me, it's right up there with the Budweiser Horse commercials…….these people deserve FREE ZOO PASSES forever and a personal introduction to Fiona……..which could be more publicity for your Zoo.

Eric Veaudry And just happened to have a photographer. Remember when these moments used to be be special and personal? Fiona is like yeah whatever where’s my watermelon ?

Kelley Modlin How did you ever get the droves of old women out of the way to get a picture? When we were there last week the people at this exhibit were completely ridiculous and none of them were children!

Patty O'Brien So is there not an inside pool for our Hippo Family? I didn’t realize they could be out of water for so long? Or is there an indoor pool but no viewing 

Vicky Glover Spruance Even though the weather is getting colder, I hope the zoo still posts about Fiona until we get to see her again!

Sandy Mathews Kalmeyer I've read this before. I'm from out of town. Does this mean there's no facility to see them in if it's cold?

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