A Poem For Fiona the Hippo Baby

Fiona the Hippo Baby

I've been following Fiona's progress and decided to write a poem about her, she inspired me 

She is fiesty, funny
Cute and smart
Since her birth awhile back at Cincinnati Zoo
She has stolen our heart
Each week we tune in
To see what she has learned and become
Sometimes challenging
A positive healthy attitude
Is the goal of her life
She makes her sounds
Loves the water 
Perhaps she imagines herself as a beaver or otter
Delightful and a tad bit good kinda mischievous and adventurous
She strives and tries that extra mile
In her own style
Quirky, spiny
Lively , Loveable,
Adorably huggable
Contented as far as I can see and know 
Concluding this poetic ditty of
The Hip and Harmony of Fiona the Hippo…

fiona the hippo baby

Fiona the Hippo Baby



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Baby Fiona Hippo Video:

Supporters react to Fiona the Hippo Baby:

Barb Fey-Croft So precious. Love to Fiona and she sends it back to the child.

Billye Potts I am coming to see Fiona and Kendi this weekend. I really hope to get a sighting. Love this picture.

JanDon Morgan Baby love, nothing sweeter!

Laura Gunter Echelbarger That is just the sweetest pic ever!

Sally Poe Awe that is so sweet. You can tell she loves humans.

Cindy Stanbery Lafrance Oh, how sweet. I can't wait to see her, coming in October.

Stephanie Dimock-Green Fiona loves her fans

Anita Roy Gordon Such a sweet baby girl. she loves people.

Janet Moravek I just watched Episode 2 of The Fiona show and I am sooo soo amazed and proud of what Fiona has accomplished to be what she is now… (all rolls and naughty and cute and lovable).

Kudos to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden guys who helped Fiona when she was soo little and no one thought she could make it.. I love her and Momma Bibi and Poppa Henry…

Amanda Meyers We're sitting here in The Bahamas waiting for hurricane Irma to strike and stressing! This video has us smiling for the first time in days!! THANK YOU for your posts and for Fiona. She is such a funny girl.

Amy Burchfield Im so obsessed with Fiona i dont think there is anything she does thats nit absolutely adorable i have english bulldogs and she reminds me of my female lol she is amazing her and her mom Bibi and dad are the sweetest things ever

Heather Griffith I feel like this is equivalent to my toddler trying to stick her fingers in my eyes, nose and mouth. This is something mothers of all species must deal with: the playful physical abuse!

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