Fiona the Hippo at Cincinnati Zoo Update On August 8th

If you’ve visited recently, you may have noticed that Henry hasn’t been out much with Fiona and Bibi. Our beloved papa hippo hasn’t been feeling well and has been choosing to stay inside.

fiona the hippo at cincinnati zoo
                                      Fiona the hippo at Cincinnati zoo

He has been more tired than usual and doesn’t have much of an appetite. His care team is working hard to diagnose and treat whatever is ailing him. Please send your positive thoughts and prayers Henry’s way.

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Supporters react:

Amber Beiting Oh no! Poor Henry! I hope it’s nothing serious & he’s feeling better soon.

Don Del Conte Best wishes for Henry !!!!! Henry is in the best place to get excellent care, we hope for the best for Pappa Henry

Sue Hartness Well wishes for a speedy recovery. Going Wednesday to hopefully see Fiona and will send good vibes then.

Dale Lambing Fiona is wearing him out…He is just tired from chasing after his baby girl

Sue Hopkins Sending lots of love and prayers for Henry and his caretakers! Get well real soon Henry

Jennifer Shad Aww get well soon papa hippo! You are in great hands! Your care team is truly amazing!

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