Fiona the Hippo and Her Parents at Cincinnati Zoo Update

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	fiona the hippo and her parents

Fiona the hippo and her mon

Fiona Clip:

Kendi sightings will become more frequent as he gets more comfortable in the outdoor space. He and his Mom have access to come outside whenever they choose but don't usually stay out for very long.


Supporters react:
Helen Brehm "I said NO!" "So, don't ask again." In that stern mommy voice that we all know moms have and we don't like hearing. Kids are always pushing those buttons and testing new boundaries, especially as toddler's or teens…LOL

Linda Bruce Bibi– Fiona it's not time to play!! 
Fiona- come on mom just a little longer
Bibi- (after several times) Fiona I said were going to say hi too all the visitors let's go
Fiona- (attitude) ok fine lets go

Brittany Fowler "Fiona, don't play in the dirt! You're about to be featured in a book and need to look your best!"

Molly Slutsky Simons Aaaaaaannnnnddddddd the green grass grows all around all around the green grass grows all around!

Robin Young Fiona–like all kids–only hears her mama when she loses her everloving mind.

Melanie Swartz When your "mom voice" is so loud, even your neighbors get dressed and brush their teeth.

Meghann Speigle "How many Mikesell's potato chips does it take to fill a hippo mouth? Let's find out."

Sara Poole "When you open up wide like this, the fans love it!" "Mom, those are not fans! They are family!"

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