Fiona the Hippo and Henry at Cincinnati Zoo Update Today

Fiona the Hippo and Henry Update

Henry’s appetite is better and his weight is good at 3445 pounds.

He’s not ready to join Bibi and Fiona outside yet, but we’ll let you know when he is back to his old self!

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Fiona the Hippo and Henry



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Supporters react:

Sue Ruff How do you weigh him? Sometime show us a picture of that, please.

Debbie Welch Great news love this family & thanks to the wonderful people taking care of them

Beth Hisem Go Henry, go Henry, go Henry! Get all better soon so you can join the ladies again

Karen Combs Wtg Henry. So glad 2 hear u r doing better. Keep it up. tuvm 2 your fantastic care takers.

Rosemarie Franz Hoping for more good news like this!😊 Way to go Henry! Henry has some awesome caretakers

Tina Nicole Kraucz Thanks for the update, Care team! Keep improving Henry! You're still in my prayers

Allison Baronich Lewis I am worried about Henry. Please kiss him for me. Sending love from Biloxi, MISSISSIPPI.

Candi Imming The mouth action slays me, especially Fiona. Happy to read Henry feels better. Hope he continues to recover.

Mary Riley Pettigrew Does Henry see a Hippo Dentist? Glad he's perking up. Prayers coming your way! Good morning Fiona and Bibi..

Joyce Palmer Glad to hear Henry's improving. Will happily say more prayers for him, and of course, Bibi and Fiona

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