Fiona the Hippo and Bubbles: Fiona Blowing Bubbles on the Other End

Fiona the Hippo and Bubbles

Fiona blowing bubbles on the other end.


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Supporters react to Fiona the Hippo and Bubbles

Shelley Lucas When a wild crazy girl has to go she has to go

Angela Deschacht Im forever blowing bubbles LOL

Cathy Smith I love Fiona! Blow them bubbles, girl!

Estella Bunny Howe Who ever thought that a "hippo" could be so captivating and adorable. have loved watching her from day one. Awesome.

Ryan Adkins FINALLY got to go see her last weekend, and it was so worth the wait! She's the cutest, and that lil girl DEFINITELY knows she's a star lol
They may as well put a red carpet in front of the glass for her


Fiona the Hippo

Sherry Wright I got to see this super cute girl and her momma last weekend. I was over the moon for them!! Fiona is a little clown!

Bobi Darshan In a time in our country and world, this warm-hearted loving story of Fiona is wonderful. It reminds us that in the end taking care of each other is invaluable. Thank you, Fiona caretakers for helping the baby survive and sharing her story

Melody Douglas Robinson So I want to come see her but I'm afraid after flying from Dallas and getting there she won't be out. You do not want to see a 52 year women have a breakdown hissy, crying fit. And it will happen if she isn't out. Lol

Linda Dobbs Hi Fiona, I would love to come to Cincinnati to see you. I live in Arizona and haven't been home in Ohio for a couple years. I love watching you on fb. You are so dang cute. Love

Rita Sophia Seems she is now old and strong enough to be out all the time….wonderful…just wonderful! 


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