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Fiona the Hippo Adopt

Give the hippest gift around! Celebrate the holidays by ADOPTing your favorite animals. This promotion includes all items at the standard $50 level, plus your choice of a holiday wood ornament made from sustainable materials. Your donation will help us to give extra care to our animals as we celebrate the holidays here at the Zoo

fiona the hippo adoptFiona the Hippo


Did you know you can A.D.O.P.T. any animal at the Cincinnati Zoo, including Miss Fiona? A.D.O.P.T. gifts make a wonderful present for all the animal lovers on your list. By becoming an A.D.O.P.T. parent, you help to provide food, toys, and fun enrichment items to our Zoo’s animal family

Fiona the Hippo Is Best Part Of 2017


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Supporters reacted to Fiona the Hippo adopt:

Crystal Barnes Do get 1 on 1 with the animal u adopt

Samantha Cecere Why can’t I adopt the camels? Humphrey needs love too

Dana Micael Jordan Rocheck I love Fiona`s Shirt,  she's so presh. id gladly adopt her 

Jacob Jusczak, Lets adopt Fiona!

Cindy Babcock Omg..Miss Fiona is fiesty!! Bibi has such patience with that attention seeking toddler of hers!! Just like a human mom and toddler. Lol…Love them both 

Carolyn Crosley Fiona is getting stronger. Her play is getting more aggressive, yet playful with mommy Bibi. If they were in the wild, this bravery would help Fiona to know. She has come a LONG way through the love  of her caretakers working so hard around the clock for months to help her survive…my hat  is off to you Fiona's Teammates for you precise excellence. Thank very much.

Belinda Stotler She is just like other kids that know and use their power of cuteness to get away with youthful antics. I love Fiona’s adorable expression and energy. I am so grateful that her Cincinnati Zoo caretakers and veterinarians saved her life, because she has brought so much joy to many people. I am hoping too that she inspires human beings to share this planet with all other species and do all they can to protect the environment all life needs to survive.

LaToya Goodwin Am I the only person who holds her breath when Fiona gets near the teeth?? Must be the mom in me hoping she doesn't get hurt lol

Gemma Kenney Not sure if I’ve missed this update by how is Fiona and Mom getting along without Henry? Have they noticed a big change at all

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