Fiona, Cincinnati’s Adorable Baby Hippo, Gets Her Own Ice Cream Flavor

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden favorite Fiona the baby hippo became wildly popular around the world after video footage of her adorable antics went viral.

Now, Ohio-based ice cream company has announced a new flavor crafted in the calf’s honor, featuring a toffee base, roast peanuts and caramel truffles ― because only the best ingredients will do. 

Graeter’s ice cream is calling its new, limited-edition flavor “Chunky Chunky Hippo” in honor of the nearly 6-month-old star.

Fiona the Baby Hippo Gets Her Own Ice Cream

Fiona the Baby Hippo


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It’ll only be available by the scoop in local shops in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio. But don’t worry if you’re outside those areas, you can order it by the pint via the internet. And part of the proceeds from each sale will benefit the zoo.

“We’re excited to reveal an ‘extra’ summer flavor this year,” Robert Graeter, the company’s chief of quality assurance, told the Cincinnati Enquirer. “In addition to the rollout of our Summer Bonus Flavors, Chunky Chunky Hippo is a true celebration of the season and has allowed us to support a fellow Cincinnati institution, the Cincinnati Zoo.”

Fiona became a superstar after she was born at the zoo in February, six weeks prematurely. Videos of her taking a shower, swimming in a pool for the first time and meeting her parents have racked up millions of views. 

The calf now weighs more than 356 pounds and is living with her mother, Bibi. She has slowly been introduced to her father, Henry, and the trio is now “spending more and more time together,” the zoo said.

“All three hippos have been doing amazing together and spending increasing amounts of time as a bloat,” the zoo told Fox 8. “They’ve quickly settled into a comfortable routine with each other, napping through most of the day and waking up in the afternoons for their snacks.”

While she now has an ice cream named in her honor, Fiona has only recently been introduced to solid food. She was given lettuce for the first time late last month.

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