Fiona Hippo Weight Update: She weighed in at 530lbs. today

Fiona Hippo Weight Update

Fiona weighed in at 530lbs. today! An adult male hippo weighs between 3,500–7,000 lbs, and females can reach 1,400–5,000 lbs. Despite their size, they eat just 1–1.5 percent of their body weight every day.

fiona hippo weightFiona the Hippo


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Supporters react to Fiona Hippo Weight Update

Cindi Bigelow She is such a goofball! And I adore those wiggly ears!

Marie Garofalo I love Fiona and her story. I ordered her book and it came in the mail yesterday.

Linda O. Stickney I truly believe that baby Fiona knows that she is very special and loves all of the attention. At times, she acts like a happy child!

Imelda Rouse It is amazing the job the zoo staff have done with Fiona since she was born, absolutely amazing. She was so tiny and helpless. Look at her now catching raindrops. Magica

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Terri Couser Matheney Love her standing up on her back feet I remember being worried about how deep the water was when she first got to swim in the big pool. Now, Baby Girl is as tall as the water is deep! Sniff! Sniff!

Libby McNeil Every day I think she can't be any cuter and every day you show a picture or video and there she is being cuter. Oh Fiona how you melt our heart. How is Henry doing today? Keeping her daddy in prayers.
Dee Cross Love her! How do they gain so much by eating so little??

Brenda Smiddy You little cutie!!! Hope your daddy is feelin better

Madison Noel Bowers Zach Bean she's getting so big we have to hurry 

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