Fiona the Hippo Weight Update From Cincinnati Zoo

Fiona the Hippo Weight Update

Fiona is 469 lbs today! Take a guess at the date she will hit 500 lbs.

cincinnati zoo baby hippo update

Fiona the Hippo

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Supporters react to Fiona the Hippo Weight Update:

Jamie Stone She is amazing and I love those eyes; oh my; I think within 1-2 months she will be the littlest baby weight hippo champ of the world

Ashley Webb September 20th ish. She's gaining weight at approx 1.5 lbs a day. Soooo.. with 31 lbs left divided by 1.5, that's about 20.6 days from now.

Michele Reed Maybe she can try out for My 600 lb life

Gwen Christensen October 13. Her princess-ship is looking as adorbs as ever!

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Baby Fiona

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Estella Bunny Howe Sept. 25, 2017. Our baby Fiona is growing by leaps and bounds and is sooooooo adorable.

Jerri Dyer I'd guess she'll reach 500 on September 14th.

Mary Jo Sandfoss Thank you for  Fiona the Hippo Weight Update. She's totally amazing. I can't wait to see her

Sandra-Hisel Johnson Ahhh I love seeing this baby grow up to be strong and healthy

Amanda Dawn LeLoup Im going to guess September 10 just because it's my wedding anniversary lol

Amanda Brock 2 weeks.. she gained 18lbs. From 21st to 1st.. so I give her 2 weeks from today to gain the other 31lbs..

Deana Palmisano Lejarza How would you like it if we posted your weight on Facebook?? Haha. Love it. September 21 my guess.

Billie Samec I don't suppose she still sits on a caregiver to get hugged and petted.

Eileen Nosky Gee! That's a hard one. I haven't been keeping up on her at. gains. I want to type 1 month. I'm going to say 3 months.

Kathy Wynne Rossell September 25! She is growing fast! But Fiona is still our baby Hippo! Love her!

Francine Arey October 3rd! Hard to believe she is working on 500 pounds!! Just LOVE this BIG BABY FIONA!

Lily Lottes September 21st, right before her 9 month birthday she'll tip the scales. The bigger she gets the more Fiona there is to love

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