Fiona hitching a ride then doing an impressive dismount

Fiona Hippo Video

Fiona hitching a ride then doing an impressive dismount. Hippos can hold their breath for up to 5 minutes before pushing off the bottom to come up for air.

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Resurfacing for air is so instinctual that a hippo sleeping underwater will rise and breathe without waking up.


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Fiona Hippo Weight Update: She weighed in at 530lbs. today

Henry and Fiona Hippo Latest Update Today From Cincinnati Zoo

Henry Update: He still has very little appetite and is losing weight

Fiona the Hippo Live Stream: Episode 7: The Season Finale

Lastest Update on Henry the Hippo Cincinnati Zoo Today

Supporters reacted to Fiona hippo video

Debbie Kaskus It is just so cute and funny to see her develop different acts to entertain the crowds. I wonder if hippos in the wild do this.

Peggy Becker Wow! Sign her up for the Hippo Olympics! Bibi was a great balance beam and Fiona did a great dismount–a quadruple roll for a 10!

Lori Atchley Gibson That is just adorable! She spins like a ballerina, although I don’t imagine there are any ballet shoes that would fit her, lol

Carol Ann Hamrick Look what you made me do! I have fallen in love with this crazy little hippo. Who knew they could be so entertaining?

Lynne Bracken She's saying to herself let's dance put on your red shoes and dance with me. A little David Bowie she says but yeah LET'S DANCE

Karen Vincent I love Fiona Hippo Video and Fiona hitching a ride is beyond precious! Are all baby hippos this cute or is it just our special girl?

Donna Chandler Fiona was born to delight the visitors at the Cincinnati ZOO. She sees the people and entertains them. God's gift – FIONA

Cindy Coombs How something as chubby as a baby hippo can be so incredibly graceful is just beyond me. she's quite the little water ballerina!

Susan Hahn Love love love seeing Fiona & Bibi together. So very glad that Bibi has a friend in Fiona, I am sure that it makes her loss of Henry much more bearable.

Kelli da Silva What a little show off, it’s like she knows that she has the whole world wrapped around her little webbed toes.

J.b. Fletcher She is so cute, thank you for your pics, without I would probably never see a baby, let alone an adult.

Becky Zavichas She certainly knows how to work a crowd!! I wonder if there is another hippo in the whole world with her personality 


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