Baby Fiona Update: Fiona put the FAT in infatuation.

Fiona Hippo Video Song

Fiona put the FAT in infatuation.

fiona hippo video song

Fiona Hippo 


Fiona got a special visit from her friend Calvin who also had health struggles as an infant.

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Supporters reacted:

Jeanne Pauciello Martin My youngest son was 2 months premature,weighing only 3 1/2 lbs had so many of the same health struggles as Fiona. She has been the poster child for premies overcoming adversity. My son is now 19, has his black belt in mixed martial arts, is a strong very smart college student. Fiona has a very special place in the hearts of us moms who watched our babies struggle and grow.

Wendy Brown What is so special is that it was nurses from the Children’s Hospital who came and helped with IV therapy when Fiona needed extra fluids. Awesome connection

Christina Cummings Fiona seems to recognize children. And she pays special attention to them. So precious.

Willa Tomlin She seems to be doing so good. So glad.

Sharon Smith Cause our baby got back. Watch out.. here she comes.

Andrea Minett Aww Fiona you are so Adorable 

Terri Couser Matheney Thank you for sharing this wonderful story  Many prayers, and praises, for each and every, big and little, improvement dear Calvin makes  And, our precious, sweetie-pie hippo knew how special the moment was goodness, how I adore Fiona

Kathy Wynne Rossell This is so sweet!! What joy Fiona brought to this little child! She has given so many people hope, inspiration and lots of smiles! Love her!   Thanks for sharing!

Anne Lind You are a lucky girl Fiona to have such handsome admirers! You were brilliantly adorable, as always. 

Peggy Becker Fiona seems attracted to Calvin and Calvin to her. A lovely connection.

Sharon Martin Awwww it looks like Fiona knows his struggle and she is telling him "you can do it"

Pam Tynes Fiona is so amazing. She bonds w children having struggled just like her! 

Sara Gahafer This is very special. Looks like Calvin is living a great life, as is Fiona!

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