Miss Fiona the Hippo Got in on the Pumpkin Fun

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Some of our animals got pumpkin treats to help kick off HallZOOween presented by Frisch's Big Boy. Even Miss Fiona got in on the pumpkin fun! HallZOOween is every Saturday and Sunday in October from noon – 5pm

Fiona the Hippo Is Best Part Of 2017


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Manatees Betsy and BamBam will be heading back to Florida in a couple of weeks. BamBam came to Cincinnati Zoo’s Manatee Springs two years ago suffering from cold stress. Thanks to our manatee care team, the 4-yr-old male is now at a healthy weight and almost ready to be released back into his native habitat! Twenty-six-year-old Betsy (2,415 lbs.), a favorite among volunteers and guests and a resident since 2010, will be returning to her birthplace to make room for other manatees in need of rehabilitation. The Cincinnati Zoo is one of two U.S. Zoos outside of Florida that participate in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (USFWS) Manatee Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release Program. The goal of this program is to rescue and treat sick or injured manatees and then release them back into the wild.

Manatees Betsy and BamBam

Fans reacted:

Annie Jonas Hill "What a nice rumino-reticulum with the two diverticula, the median chamber with the omasum and the posterior chamber with the abomasum, you have!"

Crystal Schraw This is the same exact look my kid gives me when I yell upstairs for him and turns out he is standing behind me!  I can literally hear Fiona, "Geez, mom, I'm right here!"

Patrice Ripley A little known fact about the common hippo, is that from a young age, some of them are natural experts in the dental arts. You can see this behavior being exhibited here by Fiona as she performs a thorough exam on one of her parents.

Cindy Boonie Mom is this the story of the big bad wolf. " Aww, what big teeth you have a mommy" Hope not to eat me with". No, Fiona, I have a piece of food stuck can you get it out, please? Okay no but I like that story.

Melissa Crvlo Fiona playing dentist: "Well, mummy, it seems like you've been flossing. Looks good. Time for your x ray, are you paying in lettuce or with grapes?" 

Ashley Balyeat OK fiona this is how you do one of those optical perspective photos it's all about fooling the viewer into thinking your doing something odd…like this I'm spitting out fish lol

Bobi L Hoy Awwwwwww. Everyone was smiling and happy. Amazing how a hippo can crush a 12 lb. Punkin

Marsha Roe Shannon Wonder Woman is towards the end of this video! Love Fiona the Hippo T Shirt

Brigid Whelan Wish i lived near i would be no 1 visitor thank you for updates xx

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