Fiona the Hippo Update: Fiona can make anything cute

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Yes, we think Fiona can make anything cute



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Fiona the Hippo Ramp and Showing Her Mischevious Smile

Miss Fiona the Hippo Got in on the Pumpkin Fun

Fiona the Hippo Getting Halloween Treat With Mom

The Fiona Show: The Fiona Phenomenon: Full Episode 6

Fiona the Hippo Sassy: Two of Fiona’s Favorite things the hose and being sassy

Baby Hippo Fiona Update – Cincinnati Zoo

Update on Fiona the Hippo on Facebook: Fiona Interaction


Supporters reacted:

Amy Stirling Lammers Jettison the ballast! yes, everything she does is cute. I so want to make the trip to see her but am afraid it won't be warm enough for her to be out. Might have to wait for spring

Betty DePew Never in my wildness dreams did I ever think I would fall in love with a hippo. This little lady has captured my heart. I look forward to each posting About her.

Cindy Lou Hartz Fiona, you would make Laurence Welk Proud!

Cherie Eck So that explains how she gets from the very bottom to the top of the pool by giving herself butt

Mollie Caitlin Brenda Woods hippo farts are only adorable from actual hippos, not my fat pregnant ass

Leslie Schaefer Just heating the water up a bit with a little methane gas…

Katie Smith I love it!! Only a few in this world can be farty and adorable at the same time.

Maggie Dufau-Hamberger Yep…she can even making farting the cutest thing ever.

Joshua Thomas With all the roughage she eats it's not surprising

Chuck Mavrinac Shes adorable. We saw the parents when we were there a few years back.

Denise Liederbach Some gas propulsion. lol Nature tzkes its course.

Shannon Miller And release the pressure valve so we can dive dive dive

Maria FromKentucky Oh, that's bigger bubbles than she used to make! Lol

Laurie Mattingly She had to let some air out to decrease her buoyancy, lol .Scuba diving 101

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