Fiona Hippo Stuffed Animal: Fiona can make any Monday better

Fiona hippo stuffed animal

Fiona can make any Monday better. If you have any great Fiona photos or videos please share them us for a possible future Fiona post. Keep in mind Fiona can only be outside if it's 50 degrees or warmer.


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Supporters reacted to fiona hippo stuffed animal:

Kathy Wynne Rossell Fiona is such a ham! She loves to show off in front of her fans! Everything she does is adorable! She brightens any day! Love her
Thanks for sharing!
Maggie Linder It’s funny…I feel the same excitement all those children do watching Fiona. She’s a stitch😊. Hope to get there next summer to see her in person.

Marilyn Miller Fiona is so funny and she delights everyone with her antics. Everyone loves Fiona. and she has come a long way from being a little one.

Jenn Davis Fredrickson So funny to watch her grow and as a larger women myself I love watching her jiggly fat rolls as she moves through the water gracefully

Denise Liederbach It makes my day to see Fiona. Thanks for giving me a smile or a laugh. Hello from very cold Wisconsin.

Karen Straub The world loves this little miracle hippo. Amazing job, Team Fiona! I can’t get enough of that baby!

Fiona the  Hippo


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Hazel Camba She has grown so very much. Hard to believe she was that little pink slippery lap full when she was born. Lovely.

Anita Roy Gordon I love our little ham and Fiona hippo stuffed animal She loves people and always brings smiles to peoples faces when they visit her.

Sue Wilson She is the greatest animal on the internet. She has a personality + and you can't help but love her.

Mary Foster I have a question. Fiona's skin is sensitive. Does she have a behind-the-scenes pool to keep her skin hydrated?

Shannon Rose Faith Please make sure any merchandise you purchase is through or the Cincinnati Zoo website! There are many sites out there that claim to seek Team Fiona merchandise, but they are all scams. The worst is None of the proceeds go to the Zoo. Please help to spread the word. Thank you!

Debbie Sellars I am always amazed what an entertainer she is. So smart and so full of personality.

Mary Peters Hawthorne Fiona!….you gotta cut out the chocolate and ice cream! You are just too precious!

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