Fiona Hippo Special on WCPO: Which Fiona Are You Today

Fiona Hippo Special on WCPO

WATCH NOW – "Fiona: The Story So Far."
She's not even a year old, but Cincinnati's favorite hippo found a way to unite us all through her struggle for survival.

 Which Fiona Are You Today 

Reminder: WCPO will be airing a Fiona special on 9 On Your Side at 7 p.m. Dec. 21

fiona hippo special on wcpo

Fiona hippo special on WCPO

Can you believe she's not even one-year-old yet?

Fiona`s Best 2017

Team Fiona Music Video: MY SHARONA


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Viewers reacted:

Cynthia Sullivan  Makes me all choked up all over again. Thank you Cincinnati Children's nursing staff. We wouldn't have our little Fiona without you!

Sarah Allen · I am in town for the holidays from Vancouver, Washington! I've been following her since the beginning and I finally got to see Fiona on exhibit on Monday and I am so grateful! She is absolutely adorable!

Allison Varney When I went to the zoo on a rainy day, there was maybe 20 visitors in the whole zoo. Got to see her playing in the pool while bibi was try to take a nap. Momma wasnt having it and snapped at her. It was pretty funny. Also that same day, Fiona was just having a blast showing off in front of her beloved fans. I tapped on the glass just slightly, and she turned and came over. We sat there for a good five minutes in awe of each other face to face. She also was posing for the camera.

Cindi Swoyer The first time I saw her on facebook during her struggle to survive. I was so drawn to her and her story that I literally fell in love with her! I have watched everything about her since then and I applaude each and every person dedicated to helping her through each and every day She is so very special!!!

Mark Kelch Fiona is just a freaking hippo…..I can't take this illogical worship to an animal anymore. Does everyone realize that this is all driven by the marketing team from the zoo and Fiona is just being used to raise attendance and make money off her?

I know I'm a cynic so feel free to yell at me, I can take it.

Gwen Romine 6 since it looks like she's shouting.

Kim Cook Going to the zoo and watching her swimming & playing with her mom. And dad Henery when he was alive befor he died. They are so cute & full of entertainment. The one day I stood there for a hour with my kids

fiona hippoFiona the Hippo

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Joe Holtman Why was farting Fiona not an option?

Ryan Schroeder None of them because I’m not a hippo

Tanya Nichole Townsend Just witnessing her amazing journey, resilience, and of course, the first time seeing her!

Jeanne Klein Ruter None of them…I will never be that darned cute!!

Gail Miller All of them she's to cute to choose.

Paula Walter Moslty 8 with a little 6 in there!

Terri Chee 6…holidays almost here and nowhere near ready!

Char Glaspie Gatewood 5 cause I just received my Fiona calendar

Leilani Corley You need the one of her swimming and getting lol

Dawn M Sowinski 5 for sure. Having fun and making faces.

Dana Clanton Turman I want to tell my job 5 because I'm 8.

MaryJo Griego I can hardly wait to see this! I am hoping that someday we Fiona lovers will be able to purchase a video of her life.

Dana Estes I’m obsessed with her because in a world gone mad, she has given us hope and showed us who a real fighter is! 

Ivan Pennington Pretty sure it's not as many as u think, some if us prefer actual newsworthy articles….

Pamela Rachelle I'm still amazed every time I go back, and watch her first few weeks. What a journey! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. I wish I could hug all of you.

Julie Marie Totsch ·We're watching from Racine, WI, BUT, we came down in October to see Fiona by way of Green Bay, so we could bring our youngest grandson, Tommy, with us. My wife stood next to the exhibit for over an hour to make sure she saw her. My grandson was thrilled.

Shelly Marie ·Columbus, Ohio. So glad we live close enough to see her. Highlight of my summer!

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