Fiona Hippo Now: We think she at least deserved an honorable mention

Fiona Hippo Now

We think she at least deserved an honorable mention

fiona hippo now

Fiona hippo now

Fiona the Hippo Is Best Part Of 2017

Happy birthday Fiona! This special little hippo was born one year ago today! Fiona was born six weeks early and weighed only 29 pounds. She defeated the odds with the help of her dedicated care team, and today she’s a happy, healthy hippo, weighing over 655 pounds.


Fiona the Hippo Saying Hello

Yes, we think Fiona can make anything cute

Fiona and Mom are getting Halloween treats at the Cincinnati Zoo


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Fans reacted to Fiona Hippo now:

Lynn Davis We’ll save her for a Nobel Peace Prize for bringing so many people together.

Vicki Lynn Time's not all that great, what do they know? Fiona should be on a more prestigous magazine cover, or a billboard!

Ellen Osburn Johnson Well, she's not a person, she's an animal, and animals are usually better than people because they go about their lives trying to be the best they can be and doing what they are meant to do. But she does have a great "person"ality and has generated a LOT of love.

Marilyn Verbeck No she should have gotten the award. Not surprised but still trying to understand how the #metoo movement is a person and only became known since Harvey Weinstein so not sure what makes “it” person of the year. It was purely a political move.

Shirley Freeman Miss Fiona ROCKS!!!! She should grace the cover of some wonderful animal or zoo publication! All of her "surrogate parents" (caregivers) belong right there beside her in one big family picture!

Aissatou Sunjata In my humble opinion, Fiona should have own. Those who did garner the honor, I have never heard of before. Many around the world know of Fiona. Just sayin'

Jacqueline Capucine The star of the world, princess Fiona the world smallest darling baby hippo at her premature birth and cared for by her wonderful team of care takers.  As if Fiona needs Time magazine, she's more famous around the world, Time magazing is slow getting the picture… Fiona the world loves you

Daniel S. Chenin Fiona totally deserved person of the year. I do not thing and creature on Earth brought more joy to the world and Joy is what we really need now.

Mahala Bacon Love the post. FIONA. She showed us how to survive against the odds, live fully and love unconditionally. We all love FIONA.

Janet Lindsey She sure impacted some of my roughest days with joy and hope. Love Fiona and everyone who helped her to live and thrive.

Linda Belaski Yes the people who gave all their time to helping Fiona live should be honored but I do love this pic of Fiona

Gloria Boddy Fiona was THE bright spot in the midst of all the dismal political news this year. I vote for her for the cover of Time.

Nancy Klinger Yes, she deserves an honorable mention! Her parents did a fine job, too. After a little training…

Margaret Kline Nobel, Freedom, Time, Academy, Golden, Screen Actors, Bessie, Honors and Awards and the Key to the City!

Joan Doyle Fiona exemplifies all that is good and pure in this world.

Rachel Wagner I thought the Time list was a joke! They totally missed the concept of Person of the Year. Fiona, for me personally, you made this year so much more fun

Allyson Elizabeth I think the whole team who helped and made sure Fiona survived should have been recognized!

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