Fiona and Bibi Hippo Update: Fiona the Crowd Pleaser

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Fiona the crowd pleaser.


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Fiona fix:

	fiona hippo merchandiseFiona Hippo 


Fiona the Hippo is the Best Part of 2017

Supporters reacted :
Phyllis Carlino Fiona is getting so big. I hope she and Bibi are doing all right without Henri. I miss Henri and seeing the three of them together. It has been such a wonderful story with Fiona and her Mom and Dad

Jackie Smart I wish we could freeze her to be this size forever…I was just wondering the other day how big she’s gonna get over the winter?? Our tiny Baby Hippos gonna be full grown before we know it and I also love Fiona hippo merchandise so much

Jamie Marie She's just so cute! I wish we could just keep her this smaller size! (I know it was a challenge to get her to this size, but she is so cute!) I'm constantly sharing these pics or saving them! 

Margie Crews OMG! She is a ham for the camera. It will be interesting to see her interact with people since she has been so close to people.

Grace Nastold Fiona is SO much more than “just” a hippopotamus!!!! She’s an amazing miracle that has touched us humans in a way that is almost unexplainable! I love her dearly!

Ann Boyd So cute and like any chubby baby so huggable! Fiona and her parents have been blessings to many of us. Missing Henry greatly.

Peggy Becker Hi, Baby Girl "Fee"— You look gorgeous. Getting so big with your beautiful neck rolls. I swear you know when a camera is on you! Stay happy and healthy. We love you!

Barbara Zaitzow Thank you! I need a Fiona-fix today!! This is a great picture to use for t-shirts and other goodies that people might enjoy. Proceeds could go to a Henry the Hippo fund! Just a thought.

Cheryl Markley McCumbers O sweet Fiona I have loved you since your first hr…and I think of you so often and say a prayer for you and your Mommy while your Daddy watches over you and your Mommy

Ashley Patrick Why does it look like she's judging me. Yes I just got hummus on my phone but with neck rolls like that who are you to judge young lady

Jenny Ramirez I was at the zoo earlier today and saw both Bibi and Fiona outside playing in the water. They looked to be enjoying the last of the warm days outside

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