Update on Baby Fiona: She is up to 570lbs. today

Fiona Hippo Gif

Fiona is up to 570lbs. today! Keep in mind that hippos prefer warm weather and can only be outside if it's at least 50 degrees outside

fiona hippo gif

Fiona the hippo 


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Supporter reacted:

Crystal Wingfield Can I have her shipped to Baltimore so me and my daughter can sing "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" lol I might return her. Lol

Anita Roy Gordon Good Morning beautiful girl. You just keep eating your vegetables and keen growing! I love you Fiona!

Terrie Peacock Sweet little hippo! You will be sooo big next summer. Such a miracle!

Kelli Arnette Sweet little girl! We are happy to see you growing into a beautiful healthy hippo

Margaret Himes Too cold to go outside and swim lucky Fiona has an indoor pool!

Jan Hafner I wouldn't want to be out in 20 degree weather either, smart hippos!

Pat Miller Kisses to you Fiona. I love your daily updates.

Elizabeth Fisher Will she have a place to swim inside this winter?

Diane Weil What a magnificent photo! She has certainly filled so many hearts with pure joy.

Reba Rogers It’s okay Fiona I️ can only be out if it’s 50 degrees or warmer too!

Haydee Marilu Rodrig Is the water heated? Because she clearly enjoys it and we adore her graceful water moves

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