Fiona the Hippo Latest Update Today Cincinnati Zoo

Fiona the Hippo Feeling Hip

Fiona demonstrating that hippos don’t actually float or swim. They walk along the bottom and propel themselves to the surface for air.


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Meet Walter the warthog. Walter is 4 years old and his favorite treats are peanuts and cheerios. He loves to interact with his care team and enjoys having his head scratched but not his belly. Visit him in our Wildlife Canyon on your next visit.

Supporters react:

Marietta Thompson She is so funny and has brought so much joy to our city!

Dawn Garrison She doesn't care how she lands lol. Too cute for words!

Deb Bivin Dunham She is such a little clown, obviously enjoying life.

Carrie Smith Love this little family of 3!!! Bibi is an incredible momma; Henry is a warrior; Fiona is a sassy little thing that has seriously captivated a Nation!!! Awesome job, Henry!! Praying for continued healing!

Brennen Wilson I will not be able to handle something happening to one of these beautiful creatures. I have followed Fiona since the beginning. With all the BS going on in the world I look for some happiness in this family. I am so happy he is doing better

Julie Poynter I was dreading this post but this is the best I could hope for. This hippo family are all special to so many people worldwide. Take your meds Henry & we will continue to pray for your total healing. I don't think your girls would like you missing from their routine. Lots of good thoughts & thankyou to all the carers from Australia

Debbie Kaskus Please Lord take care of Henry and keep him healthy!
To the zoo staff…Please give Henry Liver and Kidney Support supplements, they keep all my geriatric furr babies healthy. Including my 18 year old cat who has only one functioning kidney because the other one is shrunk to half size!

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