Baby Fiona Update Today: Is fiona the hippo on display?

Is fiona the hippo on display?

Sandy Fiona. When Fiona first started going outside she liked to eat the sand. Now she just prefers to lay down in it. The sand really sticks to the hippos because of the blood sweat on their skin.

Blood sweat is a layer of mucous that does many things, it acts as a sunscreen, keeps the skin moist, and even seems to be an antibiotic.

Footloose and fancy-free Fiona

is fiona the hippo on display

Fiona the Hippo



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Supporters react:

Sara Sellers She looks so satisfied wth herself!! Does this sand come off easily when she goes back in the water?? She looks as innocent as the two little boys I saw on Facebook who had coated themselves in oleo!! Mom was shocked to see that mess, wonder if Bibi is thinking is this my child?

Bev Moody Had never heard of 'blood sweat' but here it is: They don't have true sweat glands; instead, hippos secrete a thick, red substance from their pores known as "blood sweat," as it looks like the animal is sweating blood. But not to worry! The blood sweat creates a layer of mucous that protects hippo skin from sunburn and keeps it moist.

Karin Oder Gallup Watched a PBS program about Wildlife in India. The Elephants regularly sprayed themselves with dirt via their trunks. Must have also been medicinal.

Joyce Jacobs Thomas Went to your Zoo last Wed. Disappointed I didn't get to see Fiona ….she decided to hide behind her mom. Went back 3 x's too! Just like a kid, to shy to show her face! Was great just to say we were in her company.

Joan P. Colbert I adore Fiona covered in sand or not. Toddlers of all species love to play in and eat sand! I wish Henry could see his little girl. Prayers to papa Henry.

Cher Stokes God love you, Fiona, and we do too. Your presence, funny antics and survival has brought so much-needed healing to us. Thank you, dear one.

Connie Hughes-Townsend I can't wait to see when she starts building sand castles!! Knowing Fiona, she could probably do it

Lisa Carpenter You get more beautiful every day.

Rick Lang They will tear you apart! Not so cute for real. Fear these animals!!!! Ask any croc or lion. And they can move that girth up to 55 mph. So if you think you can out run them think again

Kathy Klausing Zimmerman Thanks for the interesting facts about Hippos, blood sweat is something I have never heard of. In the wild, what would be the average time out of water a day?

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