Fiona the Hippo Update: Fiona Plays with Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes have always been one of Fiona's favorite enrichment items. It needs to be at least 50 degrees for her to be outside so make sure to check the weather before planning on making a trip to see her.



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You can get your Fiona Socks and Indoor Pillow: Here 


Supporters reacted:

Louise Cliff van Praag Do they have an indoor pool or are they not able to get into water when it's below 50?

Sam Marie Engle Looks like Fiona enjoys a tossed salad here and there!

Denise Murphy She is just so cute ….still heartbroken over Henry!

Lesley Ann Gentry Lovely to see her being so playful. Hope she always keeps her sassy ways

Kathy Munafo Just like a kid to play with the box the 'toy' came in!! She is so cute!!

Lisa Kerchenfaut It's going to be a long winter for her! She's gonna need an indoor heated pool

Sharmin Haque She does make me laugh. Crazy 'not so little' lady!

Tarah Conyers Lmao That's so cute she showing that box who is boss

Sharon Peters She is still so animated !! Thanks again for the days smile.

Jennifer Doherty Green Adorable! "Enrichment item"…haha…will have to use that one.

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