Fiona Hippo Blog: Fiona Posing For the Camera

Fiona Hippo Blog

Fiona posing for the camera.

Fiona posing for the camera.

Fiona posing for the camera




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Fiona Hippo Weight Update: She weighed in at 530lbs. today

Henry and Fiona Hippo Latest Update Today From Cincinnati Zoo

Henry Update: He still has very little appetite and is losing weight

Fiona the Hippo Live Stream: Episode 7: The Season Finale

Lastest Update on Henry the Hippo Cincinnati Zoo Today

Supporters reacted to Fiona hippo blog:

Sarah Gruarin Fiona is the happiest Hippo ever! Very special Girl, Fiona is helping me get through my cancer surgery operation .I need my Fiona Fix that makes me so happy . your team are so blessed to have her . I love her so much ! Go Team Fiona!

April Bean I swear it’s like she knows she’s on camera. She performs better than pet dogs lol… love Fiona! Hope her and Bibbi are doing well. Still very upset over Henry

Kirsten Myles Clara Why are you going to Hawaii for vacation? You need to be heading straight to Cincinnati! Can’t wait for our Christmas presents to come in

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Renee Prideaux-Duncan Fiona is such a sweetie. You can tell she is having fun and knows exactly what she is doing. Looks like she and her momma have a close bond so that is really helping them with their loss.

Kimberly Turner Zavicar Love her. But keep in mind…. it has to be 50 degrees outside or she's not out. And… it's not guaranteed anyways. I went in September and saw her and the information booth said she was off exhibit today, but he was thankfully wrong!

Jennifer Bell OMG she is simply amazing. I believe this is because she was raised from birth with humans ! And they all did such an awesome job !! Anyone know if there has been another hippo birth where the juvenile acted like this !?!? Or is it just little miss ham

Kayla N Andrew Johnson The sweetest and cutest hippo I️ know

Andrea Purcell She plenty sense and loves de camera

Alex Havel Cats just love posing for pictures. Usually above water but that's why Fiona is the best.

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