Don’t Fret Even Though Fiona Cannot be Outside

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Don't fret even though Fiona cannot be outside when temperatures fall below 50 degrees we will still give you your #FionaFix.


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Fans reacted:

Sarah Pickering It would be awesome to have a Fiona Cam during the winter months where you can tune in during the day when she can't come outside. Even for those that visit the zoo. Just having a CCTV would be awesome

Nancy L Barnett Love this little girl… have been following her life since the beginning and was happy and privileged to see her in early November in person! She didn't disappoint – came right to the window every time she saw someone looking in… happy and joyous story of success!

Marion Joyner Thank you! A day without Fiona is like a day without sunshine! She is so cute and funny. I wonder if hippos in the wild play like she does or are they working too hard just to stay alive? I;m so glad Fiona is safe, well fed and happy.

Laurie Selvan She is so cute and so playful! I love watching her roll off of Bibi..she seems to know she has learned a new trick and enjoys doing it! I wonder what Bibi thinks about it! Hahahah! Our precious little girl is getting bigger!

Lily Lottes CInncinati Zoo: when Fi gets to be an full grown adult do you think she’ll still be able to pull off her belly rolls? I heard her kick off the glass. She truly brightens the day with her free spirit antics. She full of life.

Mary Humecke The thought that while traveling all the way to Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden from Phoenix in mid-December, I will be there looking at an empty pool breaks my heart. Do you need a volunteer hippo hay thrower on Saturday the 16th?

Margie Casado THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING THIS WITH ALL OF US!!!! Fiona is a silly girl and watching her rolling around and playing never gets old. She is so happy and you can tell how much she is enjoying her mama!

Janice Crawford Campbell It must be so satisfying for all Fiona’s “foster parents”. What a successful job they did. It is awesome how happy and well adjusted she is. But what an imp

Wendy Miller Pallotta I love when she twists and tumbles in the water! Love when her little feet touch the glass. She is darling beyond words!

Anita Howard Thank you for giving us our daily Fiona fix. We will enjoy watching her grow up before our eyes this winter. Love this precious " little girl"

Sasha Ramsay Cincinnati zoo & botanical garden: does their care team give them things to play with during the colder temps and are they very active during this time of year?

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